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*FRETILIN Campaign: Dr. Mari Alkatiri: “Women and men have equal

*TVTL, 30 June 2012*

This was one issue that FRETILIN Secretary General Dr. Mari Alkatiri
during a public dialogue campaign event in Atabae, Bobonaro district.

Problems with veterans, road conditions, potable water, electricity,
health, education and mini produce markets were concerns raised by the
community in the sub district of Atabae to the FRETILIN Secretary
General Mari Alkatiri during a campaign public dialogue event held on
Friday 29 June last.

Dr. Alkatiri said in the process of answering questions raised by the
people of Atabae and seeking their support in the July 7 upcoming
election, that FRETILIN would attend to these concerns people have
about their living conditions, because from the beginning FRETILIN has
been driven by one principle, To Struggle to Free the Nation and free
the people from poverty.

“In order to develop agriculture, we have to develop markets. Coming up
here I saw empty market stall buildings, and I said, no one is going to
buy from the people coming to sell their produce up here. There are
people to sell from here, people who have produce plots. If it is
people from Dili who will come to buy, then it is better for them to
come and buy from Loes down there. These are the things we have to
develop strategically, to create strategic market centers. Not to
build market stall buildings randomly which then just become shelter
for goats and pigs as they are full of right now,” Dr. Alkatiri said.

In relation to the women of the resistance, the founder of both FALINTIL
and FRETILIN Dr. Mari Alkatiri affirmed that FRETILIN will place gender
equality as a priority in order to progress the living conditions of
resistance women and widows in all aspects.

*“Men have equal rights with women, and women have equal rights with
men. There can be no discrimination. But FRETILIN also has a
responsibility because of OPMT (Timorese Peoples’ Women’s
Organization), which is a FRETILIN organization. It is not an
independent organization. I ask, why is it that only women do not have
some rights? Women also have the same rights as men. OPMT from 1975 do
not receive pensions. That is unjust. That is wrong. They are
entitled to a pension too. If they participated in the struggle, they
have a right to a pension,” Declared Mari Alkatiri.*

The next scheduled rally will be held in Liquica district.

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