Is “Timor Plaza” a good thing?

From: Zizi Vieira
To: “Joao M. Saldanha”
Cc: Ann Turner , ETAN inputs , “”
Subject: Re: Timor Plaza Soft Opening due in October, store list is out now
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 15:11:59 +1000

I wonder how this plaza will effect the small bussines in TL? More and more
plazas and expecting overseas tourist (as Joao pointed out) to come for
shopping in Dili? Another Singapore? Wouu…. I wonder what are my fellow
shoeless people expecting to see when they come into the plaza? I wonder
if those ‘ailebas’ and more hundreds of thousands of peasants throughout the
country (which many can’t even afford to come to DIli to witness these
plazas) should also be proud of. Is this the kind of development that
timorese people are dreaming about at the moment? I have always heard about
increasing growth of TL economy but I wonder how it is distributed among the
population. I am probably too ignorant to understand how my friend Joao is
linking this case of ‘more plazas to come’ to the National
Strategic Development Plan for the benefit of all Timorese.

On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 1:19 AM, Joao M. Saldanha

> Thanks Anne,
> This is a vindication of private sector picking up in East Timor. We should
> attract more investment, be it local or international, more tourists, and
> more business and more revenues for government to help move away from over
> dependence on oil and gas revenues. The Strategic Development Plan says that
> in the first decade, government need to spend much on infrastructure,
> education, and key economic sectors. At the same time, undertaking reforms
> to enable the private sector to develop in order to replace the government
> to sustain double digit growth from 2020 through 2030 and beyond. Welcome
> Timor Plaza and other plazas as well.
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> On Aug 30, 2011, at 12:25 PM, Ann Turner wrote:
> ****Today, Timor** **Plaza**** at Dili Central is a hive of activity,
> with shopfitting going on at a very fast pace; some businesses are already
> trading and many others are on the verge of opening their doors to the
> public. The “soft opening” is scheduled for October. ****Timor** **Plaza**
> ** is going to revolutionise the way people go shopping and do business in
> Dili, with everything you need all under one roof and plenty of parking.
> It’s not too late to reserve your unit; there are spaces to suit every kind
> of business, including some “stand alone” kiosks available for short term
> lease, which are great for smaller items like toys and jewellery. If you
> are interested in bringing your business into ****Timor** **Plaza****, or
> if you’re just curious and would like to have a look around for yourself, we
> can arrange a tour of the premises. It is without doubt the largest and most
> impressive building in the country; the first privately-owned elevators in
> Timor-Leste will whisk you up five floors to the rooftop restaurant, which
> is now under construction and which will have a spectacular view of Dili
> from the mountains all the way round to Kristu Rei. There are suites of
> offices – some are already open – luxurious self-contained apartments and a
> hotel, too, which are nearing completion.
> There’s a beautiful marble-floored central court at the core of the
> development, a great space for special events or product launches, with
> plenty of room for entertainment, which will provide a showcase for
> emerging Timorese talent. Contact us if you’d like to book the space for
> your sales function or audition to perform there.
> ****Timor** **Plaza**** will be the hub of this year’s Christmas shopping
> and festivities in Dili and we’re planning some celebrations of our own in
> the coming months. Why not follow our Facebook page to
> get regular updates on what’s on at the ****Timor** **Plaza****?
> ****
> There is a post with a list of the shops and offices that are on the way
> to opening for business on the Timor Plaza blog at
> which will be updated regularly. You can
> email enquiries to Abdul Rozi at
> Cheers
> Ann

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