FRETILIN, PUN MPs Walk Out, Development Plan Approved


DILI, 12 July 2011

*FRETILIN, PUN MPs Walk Out, Development Plan Approved*

DILI: The government’s draft of the National Strategic Development Plan was
approved yesterday by the parliament after MPs from FRETILIN and the
National Unity Party walked out of the discussion session.

The plan was supported unanimously by the 38 MPs – members of the alliance
group and PPT, and an independent – who remained sitting in the parliament
session after the opposition MPs left.

The alliance group, comprised of CNRT, PD, PSD, ASDT and UNDERTIM, approved
the 2011-2030 development plan.

FRETILIN Chief Aniceto Guterres said his party left the discussion because
the parliament was not given enough time to consider and debate the draft.

He also said his group disagreed with CNRT MP Pedro da Costa’s declaration
that consensus between all parties and civil society organizations was

The strategic plan concerned not only the opposition and the government, but
the entire nation, he said.

“The opposition works hard (to cooperate to discuss the issues) but (the
alliance group) continues not to listen, so there is no time (for FRETILIN)
to be in this place to discuss,” Mr Guterres told the parliament before his
group left the session.

“The parliament needs time and a consensus among the political parties,
civil society and others (so that) it can be implemented (well) in the

Mr Guterres said his group believed there would be problems with the plan’s
implementation because some programs were not outlined clearly.

National Unity Party President Fernanda Borges said her party was also
dissatisfied with the timeline.

Ms Borges said, under the laws of parliament, the government should have
given the draft plan to the parliament’s Commission C to look at before it
was brought to the general discussion for approval.

Before leaving the parliament, Ms Borges told the session her party would
approve the plan if there was consensus between all parties and other
important institutions in Timor-Leste.

She said the plan represented the alliance group’s point of view.

After the opposition MPs left the discussion, Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao
said he did not understand what system of democracy the two opposition
parties believed in.

Mr Gusmao said the plan was not his own, but for all Timorese.

“I heard some said the plan was mine. It is not mine,” he said.

Every country had national development plans to guide the long-term
development process, Mr Gusmao said.

The people of Timor-Leste wanted to experience the reality of development,
he said.

UNDERTIM MP Faustino dos Santos ‘Renan Selak’ said his party trusted the
government, especially Mr Gusmao, to implement the national strategic plan
to liberate Timorese people from poverty.

PD President Adriano do Nascimento said the government needed a plan to
develop the country.

“The dream will be implemented with concrete action through national
development to change people’s lives (for the) better,” Mr Nascimento said.

CNRT MP Aderito Hugo da Costa said the plan was good because it would guide
national development.

PSD MP Vidal de Jesus said the plan was necessary and it was important to
implement it in Timor-Leste.

Mr de Jesus said, with his experience leading the national resistance to
independence, Mr Gusmao could also develop the country.

Jose A. Fernandes Teixeira
Deputado da Bancada Parlamentar da FRETILIN
Parlamento Nacional da Rep. Dem. de Timor-Leste
Telemovel: +670 728 7080

Member of Parliament – FRETILIN
National Parliament of the
Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
Mobile: +670 728 7080


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