Kissinger Protested at New York Event

Democracy Now!

Headlines for June 01, 2011

Kissinger Protested at New York Event

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger came under protest
Tuesday at a public event in New York City. A coalition of
progressive groups organized the rally to call for Kissinger’s arrest
for war crimes. Activist Richard Marini was ejected from the event
after attempting to carry out a citizens arrest on Kissinger.

Richard Marini: “When he got up on stage I stood up and tried to
place him under citizens’ arrest for the murder of innocent civilians
in Cambodia, Vietnam, Chile Iraq, east Pakistan, East Timor, the list
just goes on. I said he was convicted of war crimes and I was placing
him under arrest. Security then yanked me by arm over three other
people. People like this need to be confronted so people need to get
out in the streets and demand that war criminals like him and war
criminals of the Bush administration are prosecuted. Even today these
war crimes continue, Obama is still continuing it, people need to
demand that these criminals are prosecuted.”

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