Former Militiamen Urge Indonesia To Prevent Arrests Over Timor Right Abuses


BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific November 29, 2010

Text of report by Indonesian newspaper Media Indonesia website on 27 November

[Unattributed article: ‘403 Mantan Pejuang Integrasi Timtim Berstatus DPO’]

Former deputy commander of the [pro-integration militia] East Timor
Integration Fighters (PPI), Eurico Guterres, asked the Indonesia
Government to stand up for the 403 individuals still on the United
Nations’ wanted list, so that they are not arrested. They are on the
list for serious crimes committed before and during the 1999
referendum and cannot travel overseas.

“If the political elite care about the fate of the pro-integration
fighters, they must support [us],” Guterres said on 27 November 2010.

According to Guterres, the issue will be discussed during the United
Heroes of Timor (UNTAS) congress to be held on 28-30 November. The
congress aims to fight for the rights of former East Timorese living
in Indonesia, including on housing and health issues.

Source: Media Indonesia, Jakarta, in Indonesian 27 Nov 10


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