Timor Leste attempts to avoid famine

16:17, October 22, 2010

Timor Leste Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Mariano Asanami Sabino said the ongoing extreme weather would bring negative impact on the peasants as it would appear famine in the country, media reported here Friday.

Wet season ends longer than what it usually happens in April this year, Indonesian Meteorology and Geophysics agency has said. It said the extreme weather will continue by up to the end of January next year.

The minister asked the peasants to grow plants that can grow during the wet season to counter the impact of pro-longed wet season.

“It is impossible for the peasants to plant staples if it will continue raining, because heavy rainy would affect badly to the plantations,” Minister Asanami was quoted by Timornewsline online as saying.

The minister has called on the peasants to plant local staples such as cassava, banana, potatoes and sweat potatoes as those foods could be planted during the rainy season and the heavy rainy would not affect them.

Source: Xinhua


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