Timor Leste is not land for asylum seekers processing center: MPs

Timornewsline, October 19, 2010

Dili,timornewsline,- Fretilin and AMP MPs have totally rejected proposal from the Australian Government, asking the Timorese Government to set up asylum seekers processing center in the country, due to Timor-Lestes situation still volatile and economically it will not benefit the countrys people.
MP Arenio made the comments in relation to the recent visit of Australias immigration minister in the country. We the opposition party totally rejects the Australian Governments proposal of setting up the asylum seekers processing center in the country, Bano said. Bano affirmed that the Australia Government will delegate a team to negotiate with Timorese Government on the proposal and that will make Timorese like Naurus country.
MP Cornelio L-7 Gama said he was concerned about the prime minister, as he opened the door to all countries for the process of negotiation. The reason why, the MPs refused this proposal, because economic conditions of the country does not permit and many of the Timorese people who are living in the remote areas still in poor conditions, L-7 said. L-7 called on the Government to be very careful in making decision and said Australia should accept the asylum seekers, as it is a rich and big country. Jose amelio


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