Update on Carrascalao resignation

Dear all,
Thought you might be interested to know that Mario Carrascalao, the Deputy Prime Minister in the ruling coalition in Timor Leste resigned on the 10th September.  His party the Social Democratic Party may pull out of the coalition – this resignation has been on the card for weeks –
The President Ramos-Horta asked Maria Alkitiri to step into the breach, but Alkitiri refused, saying  FRETLIN and himself were not opportunists.  Timor needed a strong government they would wait for the elections.  Alkitiri also said it would take at least two years to correct the mistakes the de-facto government has made.
A man of principles, unlike our Clegg and the rest of them – well you never know.
In the meantime Gusmao is saying this resignation will not effect his government – he is more or less saying he can go it alone, and that’s what been wrong with the whole coalition – think we all know of a Prime Minister in Britain who tried the same tactics.
Thought those of you interested in the Burma campagain would like to know that there was a demonstration in Dili airport when some dignatory from Burma visited Timor recently.  Apparently Timor-Leste are opening an embassy in Burma.  This is despite Ramos-Horta condemning Burma’s Human Rights, heard him myself at Bradford University.
The Timorese don’t think Timor should be giving the nod to the current regime in Burma, hence the demo, which I’m told was very lively.
Sorry to be late with these updates been rather ill recently, feeling a lot better now.  Should say that Dave has been putting some of this on the blog and would encourage people to check this out.
Speaking of the blog and web, there are is now a photo gallery – there are more photos of what went on in 2006 and more photos of 2002 – also photos on of my visit to Oxford and Sola’s baby.
Apologise to those who already have these updates.
in solidarity Lidia


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