Timor Leste News

*Carrascalao has right to return to Parliament
*Suara Timor Loro Sa’e, September 16, 2010 language source: Tetun

Parliamentary President Fernando Lasama Araujo said the ex-Deputy Prime Minister Mario Vigas Carrascalao has the right to return to the Parliament as representative of the people.”It is his right, as the law allows him as he was elected. And now it depends on Carrascalao and his party,” Lasama said.Carrascalao was elected as an MP in the Parliament before he was appointed to become deputy prime minister for public administration and good governance.He was replaced by his co-party member, an ex guerilla fighter, Agusto “Tara” Araujo. According to the party’s constitution Mr. Tara should leave the position if Carrascalao wants to be back to the Parliament.

*Xanana calls for delay of state budget debate
*Suara Timor Loro Sa’e, September 16, 2010 language source: Tetun

Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao has officially asked the Parliament to amend financial law to prong schedule debate on the general state budget for 2011.The prime minister made the request, due to the state budget execution for 2010 had not reached target.In his official dispatch, Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao said they could only be able to present the state budget for 2010 on November 15 this year; therefore he called on the Parliament to amend financial law on schedule of the debate.MP Manuel Tilman said the execution of the state budget for 2010 had not reached 50%, especially decentralization development plan (PDD).”This should be realized, the general state budget is in great amount.Giving more time to PM Gusmao and his government is necessary,” Tilman said.

*Fretilin does not want to interfere AMP’s crises: Alkatiri
*Suara Timor Loro Sa’e, September 16, 2010 language source: Tetun

Fretilin Secretary-General Mari Alkatiri said the Fretilin Party had no intention to make a power grab from the Parliamentary Majority Alliance Government (AMP), as it wanted these political crises only happened within the AMP and should not be transformed to national crises. Alkatiri made the comments during a meeting with the UN Secretary-General’s Representative, Ameerah Haq at the Fretilin Central Committee on Wednesday (16/9).”I informed her that the Fretilin firmly with its position by not putting hands into it and let they resolve themselves. If it unresolved, let them live in the crises,” Alkatiri said. Alaktiri stressed that the Fretilin Party did not want crises, he therefore called on the AMP to resolve its crises.He added that head of UNMIT was pleased with the Fretilin Party’s position, as it did not want to use the crises for seizing power.

*TNI individual soldiers continue intimidating Naktuka residents
*Suara Timor Loro Sa’e, September 16, 2010 language source: Tetun

Indonesia’s TNI individual soldiers have continued threatening local residents in Naktuka border, the enclave district of Oe-cusee.The local residents called on the Timorese and Indonesia governments to resolve this case trough joint Committee for Bilateral Affairs shortly. A local resident, Jaime Kuno Kolo said all the local residents in Naktuka could not remain calm, as they were always threatened by the TNI solders. Kolo affirmed that they are now traumatized with such an intimidation and preferred this case to be resolved as soon as possible by the two governments.

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