Mari Alkatiri says Fretilin is open to revise the Petroleum Fund Law

4-May-2010 – 12:20

Mari Alkatiri, leader of the largest opposition party in Timor-Leste (FRETILIN), said today he is open to revision of the Petroleum Fund Act, provided that the philosophy is maintained to safeguard the interest of future generations.

In comments to Lusa, the sidelines of a debate on the revision of the Petroleum Fund Act promoted by non-governmental organization “Lao Hamutuk,” Mari Alkatiri admitted that the Government’s intention to revise the law may have its agreement, provided that it met some conditions.

“I am ready to agree that the review does not undermine the philosophy of the Petroleum Fund Law, “he said.

During the debate, as one speaker, Mari Alkatiri said there was no problem to increase to 25 percent the amount of oil revenues to non-financial investment, and even later, that percentage could reach 30 percent.

Asked about the fact that before he had prior opposed this change, the former prime minister justified, saying that at the time, the country was not prepared to manage such funds.

“I have no problem with that. At first I did not want to increase to 25 percent because of our own institutional capacity to perform the management and other aspects, “he said, without specifying.

Already Manuel Tilman, chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of Economy, Finances and Fighting Corruption, defended the debate be more prudent to keep the Petroleum Fund as is, claiming not see the need to revise the law

“Right now there is no need to amend the law because it is working well,” he said.

Manuel Tilman pointed out that already in the Assembly that prepared the approval of the current law, and actively participated in whose case there was a concern to ensure a financial reserve for the future, and regretted that has not yet created a central bank, to avoid confusion with the savings coming from oil revenue, now overseen by the Banking and Payments Authority (BPA).

Vasconcelos Abraham, director of that institution, said the difficulties faced by the BPA are mainly operational in nature.

The officer approached the diversification of investments of the Petroleum Fund, explaining their operation and warning that the application in currencies other than the official currency (the dollar) should be moderate, as is likely to have different impacts.

Mari Alkatiri diz que FRETILIN est aberta a rever Lei do Fundo Petrolfero
– 4-May-2010 – 12:20

Mari Alkatiri, lder do maior partido da oposio em Timor-Leste (FRETILIN), disse hoje estar aberto reviso da Lei do Fundo Petrolfero, desde que seja mantida a filosofia de acautelar o interesse das geraes futuras.

Em declaraes Lusa, margem de um debate sobre a reviso da Lei do Fundo Petrolfero promovido pela organizao no governamental Lao Hamutuk, Mari Alkatiri admitiu que a inteno do Governo de rever a Lei pode ter a sua concordncia, desde que asseguradas algumas condies.

Estou pronto a concordar se a reviso no prejudicar a filosofia da Lei do Fundo Petrolfero, disse.

Durante o debate, como um dos oradores, Mari Alkatiri disse no ver problema em aumentar para 25 por cento o montante das receitas petrolferas destinadas a investimento no financeiro, e mesmo que, mais tarde, essa percentagem possa atingir os 30 por cento.

Questionado sobre o facto de antes se opor a essa alterao, o ex-primeiro-ministro justificou, dizendo que, na altura, o pas no estava preparado para gerir verbas to elevadas.

No tenho nenhum problema com isso. No incio no queria aumentar para 25 por cento por causa da nossa prpria capacidade institucional para realizar a gesto e por outros aspectos, disse, sem especificar.

J Manuel Tilman, que preside comisso parlamentar de Economia, Finanas e Combate Corrupo, defendeu no debate ser mais prudente manter o Fundo Petrolfero como est, afirmando no ver necessidade de rever a Lei.

Neste momento no preciso alterar a Lei, porque est a funcionar bem, disse.

Manuel Tilman recordou que j na Assembleia que preparou a aprovao da actual Lei, e em cujo processo participou activamente, havia a preocupao de assegurar uma reserva financeira para o futuro, e lamentou que ainda no tenha sido criado um banco central, para evitar a confuso com as poupanas oriundas das receitas do petrleo, actualmente sob superviso da Autoridade Bancria de Pagamentos (ABP).

Abrao Vasconcelos, director daquela instituio, afirmou que as dificuldades enfrentadas pela ABP so, sobretudo, de natureza operacional.

O responsvel abordou a diversificao das aplicaes do Fundo Petrolfero, explicando o seu funcionamento e alertando que a aplicao noutras divisas que no a moeda oficial (o dlar) deve ser moderada, j que pode vir a ter vrios impactos.


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