Bairo Pite Clinic Income Generation Project

Bairo Pite clinic is pleased to announce the
launch of its latest project to help the
disadvantaged of Dili and the surrounding areas.
With the help of a start-up grant from New
Zealand Aid, Bairo Pite clinic has started a
plant nursery in Comoro with the express aim of
creating jobs and incomes for people affected by HIV/AIDS.

Across the world, people affected by HIV/AIDS
face discrimination and the stigma faced by
people in developing nations is significantly
increased by a lack of information. The HIV/AIDS
program at Bairo Pite Clinic has identified many
serious implications for the wellbeing of
families resulting from this discrimination. The
clinic is committed to changing such attitudes
and behaviour and encouraging responsibility and
empowerment among those affected by the virus.

There are currently thirty clients engaged with
the HIV/AIDS program at Bairo Pite Clinic; with
nearly all of these families facing severe
financial hardship. In counselling sessions,
clients frequently express a lack of hope about
the future and the future of their families –
their HIV status affects not only their emotional
health, but reduces their capacity to engage in
employment and find social support.

In collaboration with the clients, the plant
nursery was created in October 2009, and since
then the staff have been working hard to prepare
the first batch of plants for sale. It’s been a
tough few months for the budding gardeners
(budding? Get it?), learning how look after a
wide variety of plants and making sure they are
in tip-top condition before the new sales team
begin to knock on doors around Dili.

In addition to the plants themselves, the project
offers a range of additional services to its
customers from simple delivery to planting and
if you fancy the look, but don’t like the work,
then you can even take on a gardener to come and
look after your garden on a regular basis.

Fundamental to the ethos of this project is that
it will be self-sustaining and provide personal
development as well as an income for all those
participating. Capacity building is essential to
the future economic growth of Timor-Leste, and
with the start-up grant from New Zealand Aid,
this latest group of entrepreneurs is ready to
the tackle the next part of their new business.
By learning new skills, everybody involved in the
project will benefit the gardeners, the
bookkeeper and the sales team, have all been
newly trained, and everybody will be involved in
learning to run this new cooperative.

All proceeds from the sale of the plants will be
used to support families affected by HIV/AIDS
giving them an income and self-determination, and
working with them to break down the stigma attached to the virus.

Plants will be available from June 1st from Bairo
Pite clinic, or delivered direct to wherever you
want them just contact Alarico on
but hurry, hot cakes will have nothing on these plants.


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