Zacarias Da Costa Story Tells a Thing or Two About Timor-Leste

This is a really interesting posting. Before and during 2006 Xanana
used the same tactics, he saw himself as the man in charge of
Timor-Leste, if things did not go his way he continually threatened to
resign as President, playing on his popularity as the resistance
leader. This continual game playing could not have helped FRETLIN in
the difficult tasks it faced as a government after the occupation.

Blair also believed he alone was in charge of Britain and would not
even listen to his own cabinets views, eventually his one man show
became so unpopular with the electorate he was asked to resign.


> >
> >
> > This Zacarias Da Costa Story Tells A Thing Or Two About Timor Leste
> >
> > First, it’s interesting to note that this video is being disseminated
> > not through the usual sources like Tempo Semanal or Timor Today, but
> > through RTTL via a pro-CNRT blogger. Xanana has his people inside
> > RTTL, too. You don’t normally get RTTL footages, in fact RTTL never
> > puts any footage on the web.
> >
> > But this this video must have been posted to the web for a purpose.
> > To make public Zacarias da Costa’s humiliation, to show what Xanana
> > is capable of, and what other members of the AMP cabinet can expect
> > if they cross Xanana. Disputes inside a coalition government is
> > normal but they never come out in public.
> >
> > If they do that’s because the dispute has gone beyond reconcile and
> > the coalition collapses. But it didn’t, or Zacarias da Costa didn’t
> > resign to protect his dignity, nor did PSD pull out of the coalition.
> > Then you have to question.
> >
> > Zacarias da Costa is the president of PSD. PSD is one of the key
> > political parties which formed the AMP coalition. Mario Carrascalao
> > the elder PSD statesman sits in the cabinet as AMP vice prime
> > minister. In fact you can see Mario retreat to his seat at the mercy
> > of Xanana as he watches his protege take a beating. Is Zacarias
> > really the president of PSD? How much a clout does PSD have in the
> > AMP coalition? Is Zacarias in control of PSD? Can Zacarias withdraw
> > his PSD from the coalition? Doubtful.
> >
> > It appears that his party, PSD, has abandoned him. His mentor, Mario,
> > has also abandoned him. He thought he had it all and decided to take
> > on Xanana, the political behemoth. He sent SMS threatening to resign
> > but it backfired. He was forced to admit that he was wrong and
> > apologised. You can expect that from a junior minister but not from a
> > minister of foreign affairs. In the end he discovered that he is a
> > nobody, a political junior and an amateur.
> >
> > He is only where he is now because someone put him there. He will be
> > made a nobody again if he doesn’t play by the rules as set by those
> > who put him where he is. Zacarias burned himself politically by being
> > overly ambitious and overestimated his own powers. It gets worse as
> > Zacarias returned to explain his laughable threats and, obviously at
> > some point, begged Xanana not to get him fired. From this point on
> > you have to see Zacarias in a totally different light.
> >
> > This incident also shows that dissent within AMP is highly
> > intolerable and the consequences, among others, is public
> > humiliation. Xanana even has control of the local media and you have
> > witnessed on who’s side the media decided to, or not to, direct its
> > support.
> >
> > To maximise the effect of public humiliation as a way of punishment,
> > the footage is even published on the internet! The AMP coalition is
> > no coalition at all and power is concentrated in the hands of one man
> > alone. Any of the parties in AMP can withdraw and Xanana will still
> > be prime minister, de facto.
> >
> > What does this say about Timor-Leste? God knows.
> >
> > VIDEO:
> >
> >
> > Publicada por TIMOR HAU NIAN DOBEN
> >
> >


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