Monday, 8 February 2010


Throughout history has led to policy temptations and unacceptable
actions to many that involved directly. The results of these actions are
always prejudicial to the peoples and occur frequently in dictatorial
regime that conquered power through violence and Coup’ etat, and also in
so-called democratic regimes. Timor Leste cannot rule out. Even more
because a clique are thirsting of the millions of oil assaulted to
power in 2006 through a trail of terror with more 150,000 refugees
(IDP), more 5.000 houses on fire, tens of dead and hundreds injured. In
this entire process we know that was involved three main Timorese
political figures: Xanana Gusmão, Ramos Horta and Fernando Araújo
(Lasama). There were others who took the opportunity to, declared or
surreptitiously, supported them. All bear currently external signs
wealth more obscure, yet those who are in Government. These certainly
are the most notable. Also the Bishops of the Roman Catholic
Apostolic Church should be “guilt”(mea culpa)”.

The consequence of the 2006 coup in Timor-Leste happened 11 February
2008. Again the protagonists were Xanana Gusmão, Ramos Horta and Lasama,
along with some accomplices dating of the 2006 coup, but also in
collaboration with Indonesian “friends”. Blatantly demonstrated, proven
relations with Hercules Rosario Marçal and some Indonesian military from
“old days” related to Xanana Gusmão, among other prominent personages of
Timorese political spectrum.

Through the use and abuse that Xanana Gusmão gave major Alfredo Reinado
saw what happened in 2006 and continuing years. The instability caused
by Xanana Gusmão remained and culminated with the execution of major
rebel. Rebel because he fed up being manipulated by current Prime
Minister. Manipulated and betrayed, as he said and demonstrated months
before being assassinated in declarations that became public. Alfredo
Reinaldo concluded that had pursued by mistake and trusted someone that
he considered to be the charismatic and honest leader of Timor Leste.
All this we cannot forget about the policy of the then Prime Minister of
Australia, Howard, in keeping with the ambitions of Gusmão: dominated
the country. The fault was not in errors committed by the then
Government of Fretilin (that could be corrected) but in its excessive
ambitions to the power and control of Timor Leste. This took some
discontent as the Church sectors and others, as in the case
of F-FDTL and PNTL. Thus they succeeded in manipulating some of the
youth population, mainly of capital. From cadaver on cadaver,
destruction on destruction, mutiny on mutiny, got the power. They got
from the moment that the then Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri proved to be
a humanist and stated that no would be ruling on corpses, that such
would resign. He prevailed over the malice on a legitimacy of a state
on construction. He had secured well on the disregard for life and by
scarce goods of the people (their homes) on a legitimate Government
taken by option to preserve the life of citizens. Throughout this
process saw UN of Hasegawa at the side of the conspirators, assassins,
vandals of scarce goods of the Timorese. What can we ask, what happened
to this Hasegawa server of Howard and Gusmão? Were pressed
responsibilities? Not. It was replaced by an almost equal and hence the
UN washed the hands on the dirty water of their hypocrisy.

But let us not forget that in 2006 were killed dozens of people and
destroyed thousands of homes, including State infrastructure, in
addition to of the hundreds of injured. Let us not forget who are bigger
responsible and who are their accomplices. Now we can see them in
possession of the country, seek each other or syndicate, suck more
possible to values on their own. Immense cases have been reported, other
waiting more evidence to be denounced irrefutable mode. Many these
illegal actions have been committed and reported, proven but not a
single offender are called to justice. Justice is also completely at the
service of criminals, let us take the case of 11 February 2008 that even
the President of the Republic was the victim of strong attempt to
assassinate by those who before, then and now, he supported and
supports. What now is the ambition of a few pairs of Ramos Horta for
attempting to assassinate!

For that becomes less understandable that Ramos Horta is according to
their actions to deprive innocent freedom and continue to sit with few
cooperating in various ways, for the assassination. In the light of
reasonableness is incomprehensible. It will weigh with certain factors
of culpability for that Ramos Horta continue to pact with elements so
inhumane and lack of values which must possess the leaders of Rule of
Law. Alfredo Reinado would not come to Dili, house of Ramos Horta, if
didn’t trust who convened. This is where the elements of MUNJ that
contacted assiduously with Reinado are completely involved, consequently
Ramos Horta. It is exactly this evidence that the District Court Dili
avoids. It escapes the truth of the events and their real surroundings.
It is obvious that the confidence of the Reinado in Ramos Horta brought
him to Dili along with a MUNJ element. What Reinado and Ramos Horta did
not know was that their deaths were planned. .It
calls this kill two birds with one stone.

Half truth, Ramos Horta, stated a few days ago that send a SMS to
Alfredo Reinado, but not mentioned date or time, or what was the his
SMS. It is worse, neither deserves credit on the matter he must admit
that distorted the content of the SMS in their declarations of days ago.
It was inaccurate and if he did it will not have been due to lack of
memory. Certainly that isn’t.

His commitment to what we call the trauma of 11 February make use of
lying, influencing, taking innocent to the prison and to omit relevant
right facts which would lead to real brains of the 11 February, but not
as well understood because currently feels hostage. With that all his
errors are much smaller than those who ill-treated himself. Better than
anyone he knows what he did, why he lies, why he obstructs to reach the
truth of the facts to those who attempted murder are accused and put on
trial. These are the same that all have planned and silenced Alfredo
Alves Reinado, executing alongside his faithful companion Leopoldino
It is impossible that a man intelligent as Ramos Horta does not glimpse
and continue to sustain immutability of criminals who are being replaced
in the docks of the Dili District Court by innocent of the crimes of
which they are accused unfairly and based on wrong assumptions, possible
fraud schemes with mask democratic which is what became the current
regime. Democratic mask sometimes borrowed by Ramos Horta, when he is
also an anti-democratic e anti Rule of Law.
Because hope is the last disappearing, still awaiting a rebate
conscience take Ramos Horta putting the truth of the facts regarding
their relationship with Alfredo Alves Reinado and why he called to Dili,
his home, accompanied by elements of MUNJ, who served always as
messengers of Ramos Horta in the process. Someone already Reinado
trusted, as well as in Ramos Horta. This same becomes visible in
conversations recorded, almost two hours, between Reinado and Horta. One
of them own Horta stated that it considered the major Reinado a “victim
of events” 2006 should have said the 2006 coup, who also contributed.
But much more there is in these conversations, where the warmth is
present. And more.

A good Christian should weigh on conscience everywhere which
responsibility by entrust, two men were executed in its residence. That
is what happened on the morning of 11 February 2008 in Metiau. Two years
without weight on conscience, Will it be possible?


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