Chernobyl in the Amazon

Dear friends,

The final judgment is imminent after a long legal battle between oil
giant Chevron and brave indigenous peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon, who
are seeking redress for the multinational’s dumping of billions of
gallons of toxic waste in the rainforest.

If Chevron is forced to pay billions in damages, it’ll be a big step
forward in bringing the world’s polluters to account. Staring defeat in
the face, the oil giant has launched an aggressive last-ditch lobbying
campaign to derail the lawsuit.

But Chevron’s newly-appointed CEO, John Watson, knows his corporation’s
brand is under fire and is growing anxious about the risks of a public
shaming campaign — so let’s turn up the heat! Sign the petition calling
on Watson and Chevron to clean up their mess in Ecuador, and it will be
delivered to them, their shareholders and the US media — click below to
take action now:

Over the years, civic action like this has helped to transform the
policies of some of the world’s biggest corporations. But most oil and
gas multinationals spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on
lobbying and PR to reshape climate and energy policies and deny their
environmental and human rights duties — and Chevron is one of the
biggest offenders.

>From 1964 to 1990, Chevron-owned Texaco deliberately dumped billions of
gallons of toxic waste from their oil fields in Ecuador’s Amazon — then
pulled out without properly cleaning up the pollution they caused.
Facing imminent defeat in the courts, Chevron has turned to legal
machinations, powerful public relations firms and lobbyists to
intimidate its critics into silence and avoid responsibility for the
massive environmental and human disaster it has triggered.

Chevron has repeatedly vowed to refuse to pay for a clean up even if
ordered to by the court, saying “We will fight this until hell freezes
over. And then we’ll fight it out on the ice.” Its latest strategy:
pushing the US government to bully Ecuador into burying the case.

We cannot sit back and watch Chevron make a mockery of justice like this
— let´s build a critical mass of support and help the rainforest
inhabitants win this round, in the court of public opinion and before
the law. Click here to sign the petition and help deliver a deafening
message personally to Chevron´s new chief executive John Watson:

Citizens in Ecuador and around the world are joining efforts to stand up
to one of the biggest and dirtiest corporations in the world. If we win,
it’ll be another big step toward a future of corporate accountability,
human rights and environmental protection. Let’s add our voices and
spread the word today!

With hope and determination,

Luis, Paula, Benjamin, Pascal, Paul, Alice, Ricken, Graziela and the
whole Avaaz team

PS – This campaign is part of a larger effort by Amazon Watch,
Rainforest Action Network and other environmental and human rights
allies worldwide.

ChevronToxico, the website of Amazon Watch’s Clean Up Ecuador Campaign,
includes new video of affected Ecuadorians urging Chevron´s CEO to clean
up oil pollution:

Wall Street Journal, “Chevron Plaintiffs Ask U.S. Court for Action”:

Politico, “Chevron’s lobbying campaign backfires”:

The Huffington Post, “Chevron and cultural genocide in Ecuador”,

Los Angeles Times, “Oil, Ecuador and its people”:

“CRUDE. The Real Price of Oil””, Joe Berlinger´s award-winning
documentary film that chronicles the epic battle to hold oil giant
Chevron accountable for its systematic contamination of the Ecuadorian –
official website:


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