PRESS RELEASE: 5000 Facebookers Demand Compensation for Timor Sea Pollution


(West Timor Care Foundation)
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Kupang-Timor Barat 85228
Fax :+62 380 820 374


Timor Sea pollution problems due to in West Atlas oil well explotion
of oil and gas fields Montara on August 21, 2009 and is continually
voiced incessantly kept by the Chairman of the West Timor Care
Foundation (YPTB) Ferdi Tanoni not only gained recognition and
support of various printed media and electronically nationally and
internationally, environmentalists, geologists, oil and gas experts,
politicians, religious leaders and practitioners of law but the
movement made by the author of the Timor Sea Scandal A
Canberra-Jakarta political and economic Barter has receive widespread
support among the community through face book and twitters.About 5000
consists of various elements of society at home and abroad ranging
from housewives, students,politicians, artists, teacher, lecturer,
judges, prosecutors, police, military, journalists, government and
private sector employees to pilot planes and demanding settlement of
the Timor Sea pollution due to the Montara oil well explosion on
August 21 2009.Mosty face bookers created by Amalo Gentry said, the
idea of struggle for the settlement of crude oil pollution in the
Timor Sea, because the Indonesian government considered not doing
anything in dealing with these issues. Has nearly 5,000 face Booker
supports the movement, and asked the Australian government and the
Montara oil field operators to immediately provide compensation
(indemnity) to the fishermen and seaweed farmers in the western part
of Timor and surrounding islands affected by the pollution. YPTB
Chairman who is also the Timor Sea watchdog Ferdi Tanoni said when a
reporter contacted via cell phone, saying thanks to the face bookers
and added that the settlement movement supported the struggle of oil
pollution in the Timor Sea is not only coming from the face bookers
in Indonesia initiated Booker Gentry Amalo and friends, but also
through the initiative Twitters Senator Rachel Siewert from Australia
with the title “Commission of Inquiry formed by the Federal
Government of Australia also need to Investigate Indonesian waters”

“The form of support is remarkable, because it came from
Australia itself also because the issues such as environmental
pollution is a matter of universal attention” said Tanoni.

In his observations, said the former Immigration Agent of the
Australian Embassy, almost all face bookers criticized the Indonesian
government’s too slow in dealing with these problems,and was
impressed not to care with the oil pollution occurred in the Timor Sea.

The face bookers in Indonesia also criticized the Australian
Federal Government deliberately ignoring the problem of oil pollution
in the Timor Sea and demanded that the state government should be

According to Tanoni, who spent 10 years living in Sydney
Australia that Jakarta and Canberra have had to realize that today’s
world completely transparent so the problem that occurred in the
Timor Sea today, is impossible to be covered up any longer.

“The message from the face bookers is the warning to the
authorities that if there are things the community feels about the
ufairness existence and discriminatory action against any individual
or group of people in this world will be expressed in various ways as
a form of channeling a community positive aspirations,” he said .

So far, he added, Jakarta and Canberra still continue to cover
the explosion disaster in oil and gas fields of Montara that spewed
crude oil,condensate and gas into the Timor Sea about 500,000 liters
per day for about 80 days.

Tanoni said, governments of both countries should immediately
conduct an intensive study of the economic and ecological losses
incurred by providing full compensation for the community in both
countries and cleaning up Timor Sea.

Kupang, January 31, 2010

West Timor Care Foundation



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