FRETILIN.Media Release: Timor President silent after witnessing police bashing during international



Dili, 30 January 2009

*Timor President silent after witnessing police bashing during
international fishing competition*

* *

FRETILIN MP, member of the parliamentary defence, security and foreign
affairs committee and former government minister Jose Teixeira today
questioned why President Jose Ramos-Horta said and did nothing after
witnessing an unprovoked brutal police assault on a contestant in a
fishing competition promoted by the president.

Mr Teixeira said President Ramos-Horta saw police assault Mr Lhew
Comacoshe, a 27 year old university student taking part in Timor
Leste’s inaugural International Fishing Competition on 27 November
2009, but remained silent until after FRETILIN MPs raised the incident
in parliament this week and the media began asking questions.

Mr Comacoshe, a participant in the fishing competition, which attracted
entrants from Australia and Asia, was punched, kicked and bashed with a
rifle butt on a beach on Atauro Island, 25 kms off the coast of the
capital Dili, in full view of hundreds of people.

Film of the assault which happened soon after President Ramos-Horta
officially opened the competition has been posted on YouTube -*

Mr Teixeira said Mr Comacoshe was apparently beaten because he held up a
placard on which was written, “Fishing Group From Suco Maunroni,
Sub-District of Atauro, District of Dili”, identifying from where his
group of competitors were and which he intended to affix to their boat,
but the police took objection to it without any explanation, and
forcibly removed from his possession, afterwards assaulting him.

Mr Teixeira said police were now persecuting Mr Comacoshe and his
family for daring to report the incident to the Ombudsman for Human
Rights and Justice, the Attorney General and parliament.

“The assault on Mr Comacoshe partly reflects the gung-ho and very
militaristic attitude introduced by the new police commander Longuinhos
Monteiro, who appears bent on creating a ‘shadow army’,” Mr Teixeira

President Ramos-Horta reportedly told the Dili daily, Jornal Diario
Nacional on January 29: “This poor Timorese fellow, was merely holding
up a placard, I saw the police beat him but because it was far away I
did not understand what was happening. Afterwards I heard that he was
holding up a placard, I thought if it was a placard then let him do it,
there is no need to beat him just because he was only holding up a

Mr Teixeira said the president should not have remained silent about the
incident, especially since Mr Comacoshe, personally delivered a written
complaint regarding the incident to the President’s office on 17
December last year, and then subsequently, on 23 December last his
brother delivered a copy of the video to the President’s Office on his

“In an apparent act of revenge for having the temerity to lodge a
complaint, police on 13 January evicted Comacoshe’s law-abiding family
from a state owned house they had lived in for six years. There was no
formal notification from the government – the village chief and police
turned up and threw their belongings out the door, after having
threatened him with loaded weapons.

“If president Ramos-Horta had spoken up earlier it might have avoided
reprisals against Comacoshe and his family, but the President obviously
did not want to spoil the media glow generated by the international
fishing competition organized by his office. Many people, the victim
included have asked me, ‘Is this what it means to be a President for
the for the poor and the weak, as he claims widely?’ I have to ask the
same question.”

Mr Teixeira said Mr Comacoshe’s family had now sought refuge in Dili and
have yet to receive any assistance from the government.

“Complaints of police brutality are happening with an unprecedented
frequency and on an unprecedented scale. We have citizens making
complaints almost every day now. In the past two weeks we received
complaints about police joining in with martial arts groups and using
violence against their rivals.

“Late last year in Uatolari, Viqueque district, police allegedly
assaulted and tortured a number of young men. On 28 December 2009
police shot and killed an unarmed young musician at a party in Dili.

“There is something very wrong with the way police are being trained and
commanded. Local media on January 27 reported the new police commander
Longuinhos Monteiro as saying in regard to alleged criminal activity
recently carried out in border districts by masked groups known as
ninjas, ‘Any Ninjas who want to take us on, your final stop will be
Santacruz’ cemetery.’

“Dressed in military style fatigues, wearing black gloves, carrying an
automatic rifle and fully equipped with field battle vest Monteiro is
personally leading the operation to search and arrest these alleged
ninjas. Last year he established a special heavily armed police unit
named the ‘Public Order Battalion’ and late last year attempted to
enter into a contract to acquire hundreds of additional automatic

“The government pays lip service to ‘community policing’ but it is all
about the use of force, force, force, relying on weapons, weapons,
weapons. We already have an army, we do not need a shadow army. We
have many professional and dedicated policemen and women who feel the
same way we do and have asked us to speak up for them to change the
direction of policing in this country. They want to serve their
communities with pride and professionalism, and deserve our support,”
Mr Teixeira said.

He said FRETILIN was preparing to table the terms of reference for a
Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into police action over the last two
years to establish whether there have been breaches of the law and what
can be done in terms of improving police training and legal controls to
make policing more community friendly and respecting of human rights.

For further information contact Jose Teixeira on +670 728 7080

Dear all

Xanana-Horta: WHY THEY DO NOT WANT TO REINADO IN COURT (4 months of unlawful death)



The respected publication Timor Online reported this month day 5, the clip that Australian ABC had cut the issuing of an interview done with the Major Alfredo Reinado. Segment censured, he state that only accepts be arrested and appear in court in the dock are also José Ramos Horta, the current President, and José “Xanana” Gusmão, Prime Minister of illegal Government installed and secured militarily by Australia. In 2006, Alfredo Reinado participated actively in the bloody coup triggered by José Ramos Horta and José “Xanana” Gusmão against the nationalist government Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri. At the time, Ramos was Minister of Foreign Relations of Alkatiri and Gusmão was the President of the Republic.

On 25 July 2006, Gusmão tried to prevent, but failed, the prison of the Major Reinado by Portuguese troops. The international press informed that the negotiations with the then President characterised as a “process that lasted for seven hours and was marked by numerous meetings “.

According to a report from 26th of the same month the agency Lusa, “Commander Operational GNR (Portugal), Captain Gonçalo Carvalho, presented to the press the entire arsenal which was illegally held by Major Reinado, nine pistols, four of size 0·45 Auto and five calibre 9, more than 4 thousand ammunition for automatic rifle and pistol, grenades, five radio transmissions, two extensible baton, five daggers, three machetes and some military equipment bulletproof vests and belts “.

The same font showed that “the arsenal was found in three houses, according to Alfredo Reinado one of them attributed by President Xanana Gusmão, and the remaining two occupied by Major rebel, approximately 10 metres from the Australian military forces headquarters “.

At the same time, deserter Reinado statement that Gusmão said, before living in to choose homes near the Australians military cantonment. Subsequently, the international media reported that packaging food consumed by insurgents indicated that were for Australia’s armed forces.

On 30 August 2006, the agency Lusa announced that “Major Alfredo Reinado fled Becora Prison, in Dili, along with another 56 prisoners, including 16 former Timorese armed forces members and five convicted of murder “.

In fact, there was no escape. The detained Reinado and group were supported by Australia and New Zealand to leave prison in full day light. Without notice, these countries had left guarding the prison.

Since this date José Ramos Horta and José “Xanana” Gusmão unauthorized systematically successive detention and arrest warrants issued against the deserter Major Reinado by international Judge Ivo Rosa.

In the last order disclosed on 9 against Alfredo Reinado and its Group, the magistrate recalls that he is accused of the one crime of rebellion, 8 murder in complete form and ten an attempted murder.


The recent order of Judge Ivo Rosa discusses because Alfredo Reinado is free for more than a year leaving prison. The document informs that “following the judicial decision and ruled as of coercion of pre-trial detention, arrest warrants were issued against all escapees and dispatch to the UNPol and Australian Defence Force for compliance. Until now, have not been fulfilled, despite 14 months have elapsed since the date on which escaped from the establishment Prison and does not appear in any information, either the authorities Australian military and UNPOL, report that efforts have been made for the fulfilment of a judicial decision and why, so far, this the same judicial decision have been complied with “. Adds that “ in accordance with the information disseminated through the media, in particular justly the acts fls. 765 and ss it seems that the Presidency of the Republic and the Government would have given orders to be cancelled the order of detention of accused escapees”.

The judge also states that “the illegal decision emanating from the President of Republic, revealed attitude, either by Australian forces, either by UNPOL, with the complicity of the United Nations, puts into question the independence of power judicial, contribute to the not regular functioning of the institutions democratic and compromise the implementation of a democratic constitutional State in East Timor “.

It draws attention to the fact that “the ISF (international Security forces) are composed of two contingents being a Australian and another a New Zealand, a total of about 1300 militaries well trained armies and with capacity to face war scenarios with armoured vehicles and combat helicopters, etc.

In turn, UNPOL is composed of around 2000 police officers FPU (four groups, GNR of Portugal, Malaysia, Pakistan and Bangladesh) about 140 elements each.

Taking into account these figures it is clear that there are all the conditions for that the judicial decision is executed to the extent that the accused are only 15 elements, only not having been so far due to external interference on the judiciary power “.

Finally, the International Judge Ivo Rosa determines that “in the face of the whole exposed to office of UNPOL and ISF, notifies personally, Mr. Police Commissioner and Mr. Brigadier John Hutcheson, that:

a) must obey, comply with and enforce the laws in force in East Timor;
(b)) should only judicial decision obedience which pronounced the pre-trial of indicts;
(c)) shall develop, immediately, all efforts to make the arrest of escapees;
(d) any negotiation process with a view to give up voluntary of escapees only the aim for the unconditional detention “.


The manoeuvre to prevent Alfredo Reinado is taken to trial include also with the participation of Atul Khare, the United Nations representative in Timor-Leste since September 2006. In consequence, UNPol, police of this organization does not enforce the successive Dili Court orders.

His predecessor, Sukehiro Hasegawa, the Japanese came to the country in May 2004 and until September 2007 became visible as a firm supporter of the José Ramos Horta and José “Xanana” Gusmão intriguing policy, benefiting both the Australia and Japan.

This same year, as soon as Gusmão assumed the leadership of its illegal Government Hasegawa was hired by it as a Horta Advisor.

In turn, the Brigadier John Hutcheson, the current Australian command improperly called International Security Forces (ISF) Timor-Leste, refuses to detain the deserter Major under the claim that received direct orders of Ramos Horta and Gusmão to ignore justice decisions.


In 1989, José Ramos Horta shared the Nobel Peace Prize with the Bishop Ximenes Belo on behalf of the Timorese people. Their behaviour demonstrates, however, that it does not see this distinction a way of helping to eliminate all forms of injustice, violence, oppression and militarism. Instead of work to promote the human beings and their rights, striving in defence of life and threatened dignity, he preferred to join the powerful and exploiters.

For more harsh, José Ramos Horta is a declared supporter of the Iraq invasion by George w. Bush administration. Internally, in East Timor he had joined “Xanana” Gusmão in organizing the coup’ etat which caused 36 direct deaths in 2006. The climate of instability on the following days, the slaughter of others people in the hand of the group linked the conspirators. The violence unleashed in coordination with the Government of John Howard, the truculent Prime Minister of Australia, included the fire thousand of houses of Gusmão and Ramos Horta opponents.

The FRETILIN supporters, the organization that defeated the invaders Indonesian and which Mari Alkatiri is the Secretary-General were particularly persecuted and beaten. More than 150 thousand people had to flee to other locations, becoming refugees within their own country. At the moment, thousands of Timorese remain in refugee camps.

The aggression made by gangs manipulated by conspirators are repeated, similarly the armed incursions posted by Australian troops.
Although the victims have already denounced before the United Nations and other organizations international acts as destroying tents where live, beatings and killings of refugees, José Ramos Horta, Nobel Peace advocates Australian occupation troops.

The most recent pronouncement in favour of the perpetrators was disclosed by “UNMIT – Monitoring of media”, edited by UN directed by Atul Khare Office. On day 5 of this month, the publication reported that “the President José Ramos Horta strongly defended the action of the International Security Forces (ISF) after having been shot a refugee in the airport displaced camp last week … He said that the ISF and UNPol never acted with brutality against anyone “.

As a result of collaborationism of José Ramos Horta and José “Xanana” Gusmão that, to remain in power, surrendered to Australia for control on gas and oil, two important national wealth, Australian military installed in all districts (Administrative Division) of East Timor as the occupying troops.


The threat of Alfredo Reinado put in the dock José Ramos Horta and José “Xanana” Gusmão reaches also other highlights national figures and foreign. All of them fear that deserter Major provides, in court, details about the involvement of each on a conspiracy that has destabilized the country destroyed many lives.

For example, statements made by him at different times and documents written–orders, laissez-passer and letters signed by José “Xanana” Gusmão –evidence of complicity between the lackeys of Canberra.

According to the international press, the Catholic Bishops Alberto Ricardo da Silva of Dili and Basilio do Nascimento of Baucau, are stuck up to the neck in a bloody coup.

In addition to attend conspiratorial meeting organized by the then President Xanana in his home, they tried to convince, in 2005, Taur Matan Ruak veteran of the fight against the Indonesian occupation and current Commander FALINTIL/FDTL (East Timor Defence Force) to lead a coup against the Government of Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri. HE REFUSED. In 2006 was again addressed and he responded with a “NO”.

Another military chief Lieutenant Colonel Falur Rate Laek, veteran for National Independence was contacted he did not accept to support the conspirators.

Their houses were attacked and totally destroyed.

In 2005, these two bishops had organized demonstrations demanding for Mari Alkatiri fall. No results. In the following year did not vacillate in bloodstained and associated with a betrayal that placed the country again in the foreign domination.

The list of key figures involved in crimes against humanity in East Timor includes José Ramos Horta, José “Xanana” Gusmão, Alberto Ricardo da Silva, Basilio do Nascimento, Sugehiro Hasegawa, Atul Khare and Australian Prime Minister John Howard. All are, like Alfredo Reinado bloody convict.

People today are sufficiently clear and organized to place before the international courts persons who occupy posts to commit hideous acts. Even if they have been brought to power by titles bearing or by popular vote, what matters is lost the legitimacy that received when it was discovered his true face of mere criminals.


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