Dili flooded, millions wasted but not FOR INFRASTRUCTURE and DILI IMMERSED IN THE CHAOS

A previous email tells us that Becora Jail has been improved, maybe
that’s where some of the millions have gone – seems this administration
is taking Timor more and more down the path of ‘western democracy’
secure jails to contain people when they become angry about not having
basic sanitation and needs, its clear Becora prison is not being
improved to contain human rights abusers.

Its really sad that the people of Dili have once more been submerged –


Dear all


The swimming pool of the President of Republic Palace overflowed. That
is what it seems. But no, it was simply a good heavy rain, of which
usually fall … And Dili was submerged. The photos show, Dili a few days

The million fly, simply throws, spent without knowing well what.
Disappear and until there are those who say that the wealthy would
stumble in bank accounts some of the Government or the relatives. We
don’t know for sure. Its are rumours. But that disappear there is no
doubt. It is true we live without minimum conditions of sanitation and
many other infrastructures. Where are the millions? We do not know. But
say that …

Possibly it is true what they say. Possibly. What is certain is the
obvious we have a bad government. But ask them to Government, and in
this case is AMP protected by President José Ramos Horta, considered
they are doing what promised elections and if they are to govern for
the country interest and voters they respond immediately that East
Timor is stable, path  to development, Dili is the city of peace, that
lived  with better conditions than before, etc, etc. Lies.

Are the lies that the best is show featuring images of Dili was
submerged. There may be millions to renew a church, two churches, which
are necessary … Million for many business … But for the well-being
and health of the Timorese there is no money. We must have patience and
wait, is what they say. Neither only bread man lives. It does not. In
fact also does not live with more water and where should not be. More
still to be a potential source of diseases. Yes, but about this,
neither the President José Ramos Horta, nor Prime Minister Xanana
Gusmão want talk and talk,  they will lie, excuse, will deceive us.
They will want to always fool us.

We survived, in Dili and around the country, flooded, no electricity
most time, without homes, no jobs, without a minimum health system, no
food, no roads, no drinking water and no sewers…but with patience and
infinity wisdom to let think or know that we are fool. Until one day.

As started in the Interior of the country now also in capital question
each more when we are free such big liars. There are even those who go
beyond and speak without worry in lying thus can continue to steal
while is time. Will be?

At the time know.


Dili continues to submerge with a simple heavy rain without the supreme
powers if so to make a resolution for the containment of the State of
calamity in that town. Who loses the scarce assets are the Timorese the
poorest, as a general rule, the living homes that hardly deserve to be
well considered by their poor construction. Tents, it would be the
appropriate term. Also the place where they may build offers minors
possibilities of having access to minimum conditions that a dwelling
must be subject and give their inhabitants. The pictures show the
anarchy that applies in the capital of Timor-Leste. Imagine how
negligence voted the actual power to the city, here, for these images,
we can make a minimum idea of what it will be in Interior of the
country. Legitimately we ask where are the millions contemplated in the
State budget? Question is always without response. At least a response
that is genuine and that matches the abandonment we are all being
voted. Instead we have knowledge of the huge business that the current
leaders give their families and friends, travel expenses, charges we
can and must consider criminal and abusive, but detrimental to the
public, to the State Timor-Leste, the nation, all of us that we do not
do part of the elite with possibilities of abusing what belongs to the
country and not to its personal and family income.

The images showed demonstrated the barefaced with that the Gusmão
Government, Gusmão and Ramos Horta, lie to announce to the country and
outside that everything is better and that we are heading towards
development. They said this is the year of development. While
shamelessly lies they fill up their bank accounts that unfortunately we
do not have access but that we imagine. It is not difficult, take
awareness of corruption and business from the public to get an idea of
how we are being exploited by this elite that is debilitating the
country for the own benefits. East Timor is for sack.

The complicity of donor States, Portugal and Australia, this sad
reality that invaded the country has become distaste and also the
complicity of senior United Nations Staff. As we did previously, during
the Indonesian occupation, many of us believe the people of the
countries that have supported will have knowledge where are the
millions money donated to this country. But in many cases not revert to
the Timorese, or that would be unnecessary if the entire State budget
amount was applied in our benefit, in benefit of East Timor and its
people. In addition to our anger and disagreement demonstrated by
opponents of the regime, it is a need for international solidarity,
especially Portugal, Brazil and Australia, their people, their
Governments, to take a censorship position and imposing sanctions on
elite that took the power of the Timorese State  to became rich and
ungoverned. Not to provide a better life. Instead seems that opted in
drowning in the waters of rains, rubbish and chaos of their
inattention. See Dili, see Timor-Leste, to see the miseries that are
driving the country!


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