By João Severino

Open letter to José Ramos Horta

Dear José

We knew each other in Dili since 1971 when you have dreamed in being a
journalist and had learnt anything to write a few species of news for
RTP and for the local newspaper “Voice of East Timor”. I knew that your
name should be respected because you were descendent from someone who
deserved the highest consideration by its past, a deported political and
anti-fascist fighter.
Surprised me very much about your writings of praise to colonial
governors as well as the wishful thinking [on board of the General
Kaulza de Arriaga helicopter] in Mozambique, making highlights the work
of the Portuguese against the armed forces “terrorists” liberation
Surprised me very much that after the 25 April 1974 in Portugal you had
changed into proactive asset militant independentist plan when nothing
you had cooperated in the past with the revolutionary movement for the
liberation of East Timor (MORELTI).
Surprised me very much that had transformed an Social Democrat
Association (ASDT) to “Communist” front (FRETILIN).
Surprised me very much that in 1975 the President Nicolau Lobato had
expressed in my house in Lisbon a total lack of confidence on you.
Surprised me very much that you had travelled to Jakarta as Fretilin
representative and had allowed the Indonesian secret agents to took
photos in the company of Alarico Fernandes (I got this photo) and also
in the cabinet of General Ali Muortopo, Head of the Indonesian Armed
Forces to receive a package containing allegedly notes of American
Surprised me very much that only few FRETILIN leadership had been
advised of the Indonesian military invasion of 1975.
Surprised me very much that in Australia had past as normal citizen,
accessible, humble, worker, [that we played tennis and spent Christmas
in my house] for a “doctor” that lent money in interest funds for
travelling the world in order to collect donations addressed to the East
Timorese resistance.
Surprised me very much that the Nobel Prize Committee, when the Bishop
Ximenes Belo was thought to be laureate for it, they had been pressed by
Indonesian lobby to add also your name.
Surprised me very much that after the independence of East Timor you had
transformed only for own political interest, betraying everything and
It didn’t surprise me that you wanted to be Minister for Foreign
Affairs, Prime Minister and President of the Republic because I already
knew for many years that this was your great ambition.
Surprised me very much that you had left to kill Major Alfredo Reinaldo
that ever had saved your life.

It didn’t surprise me who existed someone in Timor-Leste interested in
give you a shot through an attack as soon as any confusion.
It didn’t surprise me in continuing to have most of the journalists of
capital of the world well domesticated to disclosure of your personal
promotion and politics.

But very, very, surprised me very much, when I opened the blog TIMOR
LOROSAE NATION and check that the “Mr Guerreiro of Wollongong,
Australia” served, and serves to denigrate, dismantle and destroy all
your work and ambition that you grew for more than two decades.

I was upset already with you when you asked a shameful and indecent
interest about a small personal loan that I borrowed.

But I never imagined in having to write these lines to simply say that
you’re a stupid, ambitious, arrogant and complexed to whom the money
polluted a healthy mind and, thus, you let to fall into the abyss of
ridiculous and without shame it is here reproduced.

Without hug and without compliments

João Severino

Note: João Severino Journalist and Blog Founder “Jornal Pau Para Toda A



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