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Dear all

Monday, 19 October 2009


Tell the truth speak without fear

I cannot forget the words of a true pacifist, Martin Luther King: “It is
not a violence of few is scaring me, but the indifference of many “.

Well, frightens me is the indifference of those many … those supporting
blindly Xanana their hatred and treason and that contributed so much to
confuse the people and the World and seeing everything, have done
nothing to minimize the results already predicted, largely detrimental
to the Sovereignty of the Nation.

Some may see me simply as a rebel but not most of Timorese feel the same
way, a rebellious aware that we are into dramatic unbearable and
unstoppable, since the coup d ‘ état of 2006, in which we have not been
given the right of ourselves, or to protect our culture, nor our wealth,
nor sovereign interests of the nation, nor our unforgettable story.
Everything flatten was intended to be, without the right to defence. So
how can I be a sheep in the midst of many wolves? Impossible!

I continue defiant including my brothers and sisters against the AMP,
against the methods used for overthrow the legitimate Government,
against bad governance which insists on produce and protect harmful
policies, without transparency, blighting the future of the nation. As a
people that both fought to get rid of torturers murderers, feel right to
request responsibilities who allowed the nation to reach a fragile

The most honest and respectable act would take of fatal errors,
resulting from the coup that have undermined the nation.
We are entitled to continue to be a nation, to be strong and do
everything to retrieve the greatness of our ideals. Only those who do
not knows that will believe that we subjugate the vicious wolves. We
affirm we are people of peace, but we know what we want and how to
achieve this.
The Government AMP, the totalitarian institution absolute and oversee a
“pontificate” aspiring false “saints” and “pacifist”, both dangerous by
the consequences of their actions, no political vision of the future,
adoration to arrogance, lie, dirty money and power without quality and

In the past 2006 was for East Timor the year of greater and more
furtive type of conspiracy against its history and its people. The
largest and most filthy conspiracy through unclean plans, offered
Timor-Leste to claw of foreigners and nationals without scruples,
weakening desperately the nation structures still in construction.

No, certainly are not Timorese who created a AMP based on hatred, are
aberrations of our people, because children of our people would be
unable to produce so many pitfalls against the future of East Timor.

Time passes the speed of a devastating typhoon, and AMP policies, false
and attractive, propagate a misleading wave, leading to the current new
generation to too dark crater.

East Timor could enter an unprecedented collapse if continue to be
governed by an unscrupulous “maestro” and an “Orchestra” of followers
intentionally blind. We see the development of economic policies it will
be to develop the country or will develop “pockets” of “maestro” and of

Can only be dubious rulers who produces a “referendum” package without
adequate rules, doubtful, which certainly will create more nepotism and
more discrimination.

What is behind the “referendum” package?

Will be based on principles of good governance, law enforcement and
transparency of the delivery of projects?

An issue that cannot be ignored. Everything indicates that will be an
open door to more institutionalized corruption. Approving projects “by
invitation”? This suggests something related to cronyism and expulsion
of “undesirable” persons, abandoning a fair, stable economic development
and human.

To achieve the objectives of prosperity, abundance, fraternity and
wealth, the money and power should have codes of honour, which should
preside over all political actions. That does not happen!

Transcend by most sensible to find the opposite of what which are false
policies of the AMP.

I submit to my inner rebellion, which cry which seems unending, each
Government action, instigator of the worst, and released me into words
and ideas liberating way, keeping alive the vast universe of our
liberation struggle.

A few days earlier and, another issue that we have reviewed are the
words of Xanana in Parliament, on the legitimate “censure motion”. Once
again, the sad “maestro”, Xanana resorted to hatred firmly inculcated in
their bones, hatred which has polluted the beauty and strength of our
fight and our Nation. Not! Cannot be the East Timorese, who expresses so
against the struggle of own Timorese and national interests.

Question why Xanana is so “slight” in assessing war crimes committed in
East Timor? Really is that Xanana suffered at the time of occupation, or
would have been one of the privileged? And if was he, why?

How many compatriots were victims of his snares and acts of treason?
Those who do not know that does “depart” who no longer serves their
personal interests?

Forgive me, but I have to give voice to my brother’s clear reasons, they
cannot talk.

The horrors of the past cannot be seen just as lightweight. How many
families lost their families? Who, was not with the genocide that moved
the world to the cause of the Timorese people’s Liberation?

It is not easy to observe the falsehood and insensitivity, AMP
Government policy created on lies, treason and scams. The desire to
rebel against the false words of Xanana is large, and crying to winds
that we want a new route for East Timor, we want to liberate us of their
claws, its lies, of their treasons, their scams strangers, of their
friends pro-integrationist, pro-colonial new liberals.

We want a clean policy, we want to plot the course of our future, live
this without shadows of betrayal, fear and shame. We want a Strong

Their gender policies are already obvious doubtful. Hatred and disregard
for the history of the people of East Timor now seem to be a path
without return. But our word is the wind will bring a new day will
blowing strong our soul that weaken the advancement so doubtful

Who was nominated by the people to receive titles of great nobility and
significance and took advantage of these titles for political personal

Xanana, sadly called the sole representative of the struggle of a
people, who has entrusted and made him the myth, it is no longer

Also Ramos Horta, sadly, if called himself “the Nobel Peace Prize”, when
in fact it was commissioned by the people and the elected person
indebted to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, which is really a prize that
commends the nobility and the courage of the same people, Timorese men
and women have devoted their lives to the cause of liberation, peace and
progress in mountains and sea.

Ramos Horta should never feel owner of the Nobel Prize, nor use it for
personal political interests, should be a respectable guardian this same
prize, which represents the wonderful story of a people that resisted,
survived a terrible genocide and won.

Ramos Horta is going to prove unworthy of having received the Nobel
Peace Prize of which is the people of Timor, fighter, resistant and

Xanana has already proved unworthy of titles.

With regard to elections, we can say that we won! And more gains if we
live in a country free of dangerous tentacles enemy of people and best
interests of the nation.

“The world does not know anything. East Timor is a case of World
ignorance exactly as they were concentration camps in time of war. Then
all crashed, but it was too late. ” (DOM Carlos F. Ximenes de Belo)
We hope that these words will not have validity in the next future. Do
everything to ensure that this does not happen and, therefore, we
disclose today and always, nebulous policies of the AMP Government.

International organizations based in East Timor and their agents, seem
to be totally indifferent to the actions of this same Government, which
being oppressive by nature, misleading and regressive using advanced
methods Cabinet intimidation for dubious purposes, the Timorese culture
threatened by pseudo intellectuals that delivering speeches “Advanced”
that little everyone understands, present as holders of “historical
truth”, enticing intellectually the colonial mentalities and their

This is why I am afraid with too ambitious people and pseudo
intellectuals, that everything you see but say nothing and nothing to
restore truth where there is a lie. The so-called “agents of peace” and
the “disturbing” consultants that undermine the mindset of peoples,
maintains a destabilization that suit the current mercenaries, fishermen
of money and power (inglorious).

Currently, we have another East Timor, that Timor do not want, of
foreigners and some nationals, false pacifists, Timor AMP with
pro-integrationist, pro-liberals, highly responsible for governmental
degradation and prostitution moral of Government members, which sell for
money, and sell the country, misleading the people and the World that
the development is underway. Pure lies!

Invented the farce of a peace that does not exist talking of a pacifism
non-existent, hypocritical and bring foreign models projects which does
not fit our reality, but serve to enrich quickly some how many,
damaging our development.

Few hypocritical, which are enemies of the people, invented fraud of
humanity to undermine the mentalities and protect criminals, forgetting
the victims who suffered at their hands and who fought with courage and
bravery by genuine peace and freedom.

In East Timor, with peace catalogues, spread hatred in the population
against their blood brothers, misleading people, changing the behaviour
of them, causing serious crises. They paid to foment violence and
destruction. Then appeared as rescue workers, humanistic and pacifist,
say agents and advisors of peace and progress of peoples, but the truth
is another:

The so-called and false “agents of peace”, pacifists hypocrites come to
actually install the “hell”, degradation of peoples and the annihilation
of cultures. And we live in this intensely in advent 2006, in coup 2006
and post-2006.

When Xanana and its supporters decided to demolish the legitimate
Government, What was the honour codes used? The good manner of other
times that there was no law, do they give the opportunity to the
attacked Government to defend itself t? NO! At all.

It was an unequal struggle, misleading, manipulative laws and
principles, having behind a community of such “agents of peace” and
unscrupulous mercenaries that have buried their plans of prosperity for
the people, in partnership with the Government scammer. The traitors,
scammer, responsible for overthrow of legitimate Governments, can only
have a name: white-collar bandits who commit crimes against the peoples.

Why must we say these truths? Why are they keeping so quite being the
owners of the information, the intellectuals of sorcery? Why?

Just so much hypocrisy, lies and opportunism together! This is our Hell!

There is a State Government AMP, members without honour, without
conscience, much more false “agents of peace” than its own people.

There are intellectuals without dignity and without courage to say
clearly to the world that East Timor is increasingly ill, infested with
corrupt people and our historic culture is under threat.

It is sad to be ourselves, from the people; we tell the world what is
happening, for the well of our nation.

East Timor is being sold to a community of consultants, agents, “the
sultans” a new colonial empire, resistant to our history, which does not
assume as colonialist, and more seriously, claiming they came for the
good, by development, humanity and peace, when in fact bring in
suitcases faked projects that we do not serve and delay us and many of
them, poisonous enough to spread.

Peaces … Justice … Progress … are wonderful words. Nothing sounds as
well as the union of those words. But peace is the fruit of Justice, and
progress is the implementation of the two.

We must be aware that is urgent to free ourselves of infiltrated
enemies, give effectiveness to justice, and recover the pat for
development plan for the first twenty years. These are the foundations
for peace and we are treading the path that both wanted and lived for
to achieve.

We are living in times in which the representatives of the Government
ignore justice, truth, honour, but support lie telling the world that we
are at peace and that the development of the nation is a reality. This
is a lie!

This is our hell! Lies, lies!

Politically wrong behaviour of AMP since its creation based on hatred
and division of the people, reached an unacceptable level, therefore,
increase concern with the security and well-being.

The United Nations, an organization are to promote peace and security
for most of the Nations affected by attack enemies. I wonder: will The
UN is fulfilling its mission in East Timor?



By João Severino

Open letter to José Ramos Horta

Dear José

We knew each other in Dili since 1971 when you have dreamed in being a
journalist and had learnt anything to write a few species of news for
RTP and for the local newspaper “Voice of East Timor”. I knew that your
name should be respected because you were descendent from someone who
deserved the highest consideration by its past, a deported political and
anti-fascist fighter.
Surprised me very much about your writings of praise to colonial
governors as well as the wishful thinking [on board of the General
Kaulza de Arriaga helicopter] in Mozambique, making highlights the work
of the Portuguese against the armed forces “terrorists” liberation
Surprised me very much that after the 25 April 1974 in Portugal you had
changed into proactive asset militant independentist plan when nothing
you had cooperated in the past with the revolutionary movement for the
liberation of East Timor (MORELTI).
Surprised me very much that had transformed an Social Democrat
Association (ASDT) to “Communist” front (FRETILIN).
Surprised me very much that in 1975 the President Nicolau Lobato had
expressed in my house in Lisbon a total lack of confidence on you.
Surprised me very much that you had travelled to Jakarta as Fretilin
representative and had allowed the Indonesian secret agents to took
photos in the company of Alarico Fernandes (I got this photo) and also
in the cabinet of General Ali Muortopo, Head of the Indonesian Armed
Forces to receive a package containing allegedly notes of American
Surprised me very much that only few FRETILIN leadership had been
advised of the Indonesian military invasion of 1975.
Surprised me very much that in Australia had past as normal citizen,
accessible, humble, worker, [that we played tennis and spent Christmas
in my house] for a “doctor” that lent money in interest funds for
travelling the world in order to collect donations addressed to the East
Timorese resistance.
Surprised me very much that the Nobel Prize Committee, when the Bishop
Ximenes Belo was thought to be laureate for it, they had been pressed by
Indonesian lobby to add also your name.
Surprised me very much that after the independence of East Timor you had
transformed only for own political interest, betraying everything and
It didn’t surprise me that you wanted to be Minister for Foreign
Affairs, Prime Minister and President of the Republic because I already
knew for many years that this was your great ambition.
Surprised me very much that you had left to kill Major Alfredo Reinaldo
that ever had saved your life.

It didn’t surprise me who existed someone in Timor-Leste interested in
give you a shot through an attack as soon as any confusion.
It didn’t surprise me in continuing to have most of the journalists of
capital of the world well domesticated to disclosure of your personal
promotion and politics.

But very, very, surprised me very much, when I opened the blog TIMOR
LOROSAE NATION and check that the “Mr Guerreiro of Wollongong,
Australia” served, and serves to denigrate, dismantle and destroy all
your work and ambition that you grew for more than two decades.

I was upset already with you when you asked a shameful and indecent
interest about a small personal loan that I borrowed.

But I never imagined in having to write these lines to simply say that
you’re a stupid, ambitious, arrogant and complexed to whom the money
polluted a healthy mind and, thus, you let to fall into the abyss of
ridiculous and without shame it is here reproduced.

Without hug and without compliments

João Severino

Note: João Severino Journalist and Blog Founder “Jornal Pau Para Toda A



Dear all

“International” Organise themselves

A cooperative group which has participated in the development of
knowledge and performance in several areas of East Timor, known as
“international”, composed of individuals of the Portuguese Language
Countries and other nationalities, announces the TLN (Timor Lorosae
Nacão Blog) who is organising to exchange information on the country of
“Sol-Nascente” on its people and their friends, even after having
returned to their countries of origin, especially when doing “for
reasons of safety, because we believe that crime which favours certain
politicians are unpunished. ”

They said, asking our support in the disclosure of information that
consider “useful to fight in defence of legality and democracy in
Timor-Leste “.

And continue:

“We do not wish to rush so we understand that in moments like those that
currently in Timor if are living, we know that is in some political
authorities, who are the biggest violators of the law, we should seek to
establish truths about what is possible and denounce.

We aim to understand and disseminate safely illegalities that currently
are practice and worrying attack on democratic development in
Timor-Leste, defrauding the Timorese and the entire international
community that has committed to lead the country teaching practices of
the developed world for better justice and democracy.

In fact, in the case of East Timor, we believe that all of us have had
the illusion of that by the fact that almost ten years to be a country,
the commitment of international aid, there are persons desirous that had
success, because some of their leaders went and lived in exile for many
years abroad in the developed world, for all these reasons, we judged
that had seen the errors committed by other Governments and societies
and that in the case of Timor a lot would be different and better.

For the better in the case of the environment, better in the case of
transparency, better in the case of a healthy democracy, better in the
case of Justice and distribution of wealth through initiatives honest,
etc. Thought this is much more possible given the small country and
population. At the moment East Timor could be beginning to be almost a
sea of roses, essentially fair, healthy and democratic.

But it is not happening. What we have seen is this people being
systematically deceived. Fooled by some ex-combatants selfish, by all
those who were always hand in hand with the Indonesian military and with
the Australia Governments, by some who fought abroad and comfortable
lives in exile. That the peoples and their Governments gave them to
live, learn and fight, the case of José Ramos Horta, for example. It was
aim to return the country become a fair elite benefit of massacred
anonymous and needy children of Timor.

The reality of East Timor is not this, quite the contrary. The majority
of Timorese are surviving miserably, while their leaders wasted and
exploit the wealth of the country in their own advantage. East Timor has
already a criminal elite is fill their bank accounts abroad, as other ex
Portuguese countries cases. Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos, his
daughter, and all that are in line with the regime that was installed
and that apparently only now beginning to open the democracy, a
democracy deficit which aims only moderate certain requirements of its
citizens and democratic world. In East Timor is already happening. It
was of that destructive and opportunistic movement 2006 brought to the

It is not difficult to conclude that the profiteers want to be part of
the elite any cost, selling, lying, fooling, indifferent of the
difficulties of huge anonymous people and away from the centre of
political power. Political power prepared to systematically deceive and
violate laws.

This unfortunate reality is a shameful. Citizens of the world and
contributors for a Timor democratic and fair, we are disappointed by
being so defrauded by liars Mr Ramos Horta and Xanana Gusmão. We do not
need to mention now others, newcomer elitist status, are generating in
Timorese society a true cancer, a kind of illegality and absolutely
practitioner impunity is at the stage of growth.

All this is extremely worrying, very sad, and inadmissible. For these
reasons we believe this the reason for our existence to denounce the
criminal elite of East Timor that is in formation and that must be
fought with the wisdom and legality which does not allow it to make that
country a new area of despotism and easy enrichment at the expense of
human rights violations and outrage at the democratic world.

At the moment we are currently considering the reality of the practices
of present Timorese leaders, democratic world that has supported the
country for more of ten years must suspend all kinds of aid. Not by
Timorese ,of course, but the criminal elite that is in political power,
disregarding all other constitutional powers, especially the judiciary,
laws, propriety, attentive anonymous populations, needy because of
Government operations.
The current East Timor Government represent a huge disappointment for
the who know and accompany daily dishonest practices and
anti-democratic. That is why we denounce all actions harmful and illegal
that the current Government and Presidency of the Republic to commit or
try commit. It is what this group of friends agreed to put forward.

We appeal to all the international “which have complied with mission in
East Timor and that have been silenced the complaints of unlawful and
anti-democratic practices committed by the current political power and
their counterparts do through this site or disclosure bodies they
consider most appropriate that the Timorese may enjoy country who want
fair and thus deserve. The objectives took us to dedicate to their

Friends of East Timor

Bird Life Int’l: Endemics thrive on Timor-Leste’s “Lost World” mountain

Bird Life International

Endemics thrive on Timor-Leste’s “Lost World” mountain


Surveys have confirmed that the finest montane forests in Timor-Leste,
and possibly the whole island of Timor, are to be found on the
inaccessible Mount Mundo Perdido – literally, “Lost World”. With 22 of
the restricted-range species of the Timor and Wetar Endemic Bird Area
found so far, Mount Mundo Perdido has been recognised as Timor-Leste’s
seventeenth Important Bird Area (IBA).

The surveys were carried out by staff of Timor-Leste’s Ministry of
Agriculture and Forestry, and Colin Trainor of Australia’s Charles
Darwin University, supported by BirdLife and the UK Government’s Darwin

The upper slopes of Mount Mundo Perdido, rising to 1,760 m, have been
protected from agriculture by their steep, rocky terrain. The 16,100 ha
site also includes the 1,390 m Mount Laritame, 5 km to the north.

The IBA almost certainly hosts the largest populations of a suite of
hill and montane bird species on Timor Island. Of the 22 endemics, one
is globally threatened – the Endangered Timor Imperial-pigeon Ducula
cineracea- and eight are Near Threatened, including Slaty Cuckoo-dove
Turacoena modesta and Chestnut-backed Thrush Zoothera dohertyi. Small
numbers of Critically Endangered Yellow-crested Cockatoo Cacatua
sulphurea are also present.

A total of 63 bird species have been recorded, including 61 presumed
breeding residents, and two northern migrants. Eleven of the residents
are montane forest specialists, and all appear to be abundant in the

Possibly the most exciting discovery was a population of Pygmy
Blue-flycatcher Muscicapella hodgsoni on the upper slopes, 1,700 km or
more from the nearest known populations in Kalimantan and Sumatra. The
taxonomic status of this isolated population is being investigated.

Mount Mundo Perdido is also considered one of the three most important
sites for conservation of orchids in Timor-Leste, and several new orchid
species have been collected.

Although it has legal protected stratus dating back to the United
Nations administration which preceded independence, the IBA is not
managed as a Protected Area. But local people have responded positively
to the idea of Protected Area management, which would, in line with the
policy established in Timor Leste, be carried out in close consultation
with the community.

Measures would include improved management of livestock, fairer and more
sustainable access to forest products such as bamboo and rattan,
reforestation of eroded areas, and a village forestry programme to
supply timber from plantations, as an alternative to the current
uncontrolled extraction of forest trees.

“The Government of Timor-Leste has shown it is committed to preserving
our natural and cultural heritage through Protected Areas, by declaring
our first National Park (Nino Konis Santana National Park) in 2008. We
continue to work towards managing this area sustainably, while we also
develop plans to manage 12 other Protected Areas including Mount Mundo
Perdido, and to establish 18 new Protected Areas in the long term. All
these are to be part of the new Protected Areas Network in Timor-Leste.
Thanks to this work, we now know that Mount Mundo Perdido is the richest
tropical montane forest site remaining in Timor-Leste”, said Manuel
Mendes, Director for Protected Areas and National Park, Ministry of
Agriculture and Fisheries.

Download the Mount Mundo Perdido IBA profile. Click
here for the English version. Click here for the Indonesian version.

[TEMPO SEMANAL] Alkaltiri Attacks Xanana Over Land for Rubber Deal – Zenilda …

> Former Prime Minister of Timor-Leste, and Leader of the Opposition,
> Mari Alkatiri, has condemned Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao’s deal to
> sign over 250,000 hectares of land (see full story in Tetun here)
> MALTIMOR Lda which is owned by Commander Tan Sri Datuk Eugenio Campos
> (a Timorese born Malaysian businessman) and Portuguese Consul to
> Malaysia.
> In October 2007 Mr Campos met the Prime Minister Gusmao and members of
> his staff to discuss the possibility of Campos’ future investments in
> Timor-Leste.
> Campos expressed an interested in investing in the tourism, aviation,
> agricultural and infrastructure sectors
> After several meetings in November 2008, Mr. Gusmao signed overf the
> 250,000 hectares of of land to Maltimor Lda. which co-owned between
> Campos and his daughter Zenilda Gusmao.
> The company proposed to use land for rubber plantations in Suai,
> Ainaro, Same, Vikeke and Lautem districts. However, the Ministry of
> Agriculture has yet to approve the deal; and has indicated that there
> is no land available because some of the areas have been allocated for
> Heavy Oil plants.
> —
> Posted By TEMPO SEMANAL to TEMPO SEMANAL on 10/28/2009 03:19:00 AM

Activists seek justice for death of Dutch journo

Activists seek justice for death of Dutch journo

The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Wed, 10/28/2009 1:30 PM | World

Activists in London demanded Monday that Indonesian authorities bring to
justice those responsible for killing Dutch Financial Times correspondent
Sander Thoenes in then East Timor, which gained independence from Indonesia
after a 1999 referendum.

A press release sent to The Jakarta Post by the International Press
Institute (IPI) said Thoenes went to East Timor (now Timor Leste) in
September 1999 to report on the aftermath of the referendum vote for
independence from Indonesia and the landing of Indonesian troops on the
island. UN and Indonesian investigators found that he was shot at
point-blank range by Indonesian troops after falling off his motorcycle.

“Both UN and Indonesian investigations into the murder of Sander Thoenes
have identified members of the Indonesian military as being responsible for
the crime. The fact that these individuals have not been prosecuted shows a
disturbing lack of will by Indonesia to end the impunity connected with the
killing of Sander Thoenes and other journalists,” said IPI press freedom
manager Anthony Mills, who attended a commemoration event for Thoenes at the
Frontline Club in London.

Sander’s brother, Peter, read out a protest at the event, saying: “The
Indonesian government has consistently delayed, obstructed and ridiculed any
prosecutions of these criminals on their payroll. In doing so, that
government has made it clear to the international community that it happily
condones all kind of atrocities committed by its military up to this day.”

Thoenes, who was 30 years old at the time of his death, had been working as
the Financial Times Indonesia correspondent since September 1997, after the
Asian financial crisis had started to spread in the region.

On the day Thoenes was murdered, the Financial Times had published an
article by him titled “Military’s power undimmed by humiliations,” in which
Thoenes analyzed the Indonesian military’s grip on power in spite of the
humiliation of having been ousted from East Timor and political reforms that
challenged their role in politics.

[The Dili Insider] Chinese Junk

> Sent in by a reader:
> “This is an example of standards for decommissioned generators in
> China. You can clearly see that decommissioned generators (such as the
> ones purchased by the Government in Guandong Province) cannot be used
> to generate power for domestic areas.
> Perhaps the Parliamentarians should read through some of the reports
> mentioned in this letter, who knows perhaps they might find the Sulzers
> and the PC4 decommissioned generators that CNI22 purchased.
> The pertinent part of the translation is: “….same set of facilities
> have been confirm decommissioning and suspended by National and
> Province.” Further that in relation to the equipment in question,
> referred to as “abandoned decommissioned generator”, “The successful
> bidder shall not reinstall the machine and its facilities or generate
> electricity in domestic area.”
> It seems scrap metal in China was deemed good enough to bring over to
> Timor-Leste, just as we and NGO’s have been saying.”
> —
> Posted By The Dili Insider to The Dili Insider at 10/22/2009 03:27:00 PM
> —
> Tyneside East Timor Solidarity
> Web site:
> Blog:
> Sent in by a reader:
> “This is an example of standards for decommissioned generators in
> China. You can clearly see that decommissioned generators (such as the
> ones purchased by the Government in Guandong Province) cannot be used
> to generate power for domestic areas.
> Perhaps the Parliamentarians should read through some of the reports
> mentioned in this letter, who knows perhaps they might find the
> Sulzers and the PC4 decommissioned generators that CNI22 purchased.
> The pertinent part of the translation is: “….same set of facilities
> have been confirm decommissioning and suspended by National and
> Province.” Further that in relation to the equipment in question,
> referred to as “abandoned decommissioned generator”, “The successful
> bidder shall not reinstall the machine and its facilities or generate
> electricity in domestic area.”
> It seems scrap metal in China was deemed good enough to bring over to
> Timor-Leste, just as we and NGO’s have been saying.”
> —
> Posted By The Dili Insider to The Dili Insider at 10/22/2009
> 03:27:00 PM