[The Dili Insider] Hercules Alert]

Yep, guess Xanana is friendly with some strange, brutal people,
embrassing Wirranto and callling him a friend was just the beginning.

In an email from a reader:

“At 19:55 24 September 2009 Prime Minister of Timor-Leste entered the
Hotel Timor. Upon entering the lobby he met Rosario “Hercules” Marcal –
notorious Jakarta gangland figure. After shaking hands and embracing
they sat down for a chat as if among old friends on the sofa next to the
restaurant on the western side of the lobby area.”
You can read alot about Hercules gang life here and here and here.

and connection s to militia here.

and his 2008 arrest in Jakarta here.


3 responses to “[The Dili Insider] Hercules Alert]

  1. beware of aussie
    i myself dont believe in aussies.
    they are full of tricks
    just look our TL history.
    when japan came, when indonesia came, aussie didnt help.
    their helping hand reached when theres something for them.
    look at oil case, banyu undan etc.
    it is proof, truth about aussie.

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