Schools of Esperanca in Atauro, Timor Leste

Schools of Esperanca in Atauro, Timor Leste

In 2006 Brazilian teacher Dunalva Liberio Coelho left Dili as civil
unrest broke out. She fled to the Island of Atauro. As she was
teaching in Dili at the time, she offered her services to the local
community of Atauro.

That was three years ago.

Since this time, Dunalva has worked in Atauro in three different
aldeias (areas of the island); Arnatutu, Bit and Uabuk, with the
local churches and the community members/ leaders to establish
pre-primary and primary schools. They offer literacy programs and an
opportunity to grow stronger communities through better health
awareness. Dunalva has been training teachers in each souco/ aldeias
to continue the literacy programs on a sustainable/ long term basis.

Fitun Esperanca 1 and Fitun Esperanca 2 (or School of Hope 1 and 2)
are now operating in mountainous districts on the island of Atauro.
There are more than one hundred and fifty children attending these
primary schools. The children have to walk up to 10 kilometres (an
hour and half) each way to reach the schools.

One of our biggest challenges is to develop a methodology that helps
the small children. We will also involve the parents for
conscientization”, Dunalva, teacher.

The Future

Jardin de Esperanca Pre-School is the third school project for the
community. This is a very important project because villages have no
pre-school and these children walk very far to reach the schools near
the shore. Already 50 children have been enrolled for Jardin de
Esperanca. The community has been given the old church building to
use. However the building is so run down that it will need some
renovations done before it will be suitable enough to hold classes.
Some odd tables and chairs were also left for the school but they are
so old it is actually an occupational health and safety risk to use them.

The Jardin de Esperanca Pre-School needs support with the following:
children books (in English or Portuguese), school desk and chairs,
white boards and markers, exercise books, pencil and pens. Any craft
items and sports equipment is also welcome.

The children would love to have a playground, I would love for them
to have a playground. I want equipment like jungle jim, swing,
see-saw, play-house and sand-table. Physical development is a very
important part in education. It is also part of their social
development. It encourages self-confidence and good sportsmanship
too”, Dunalva, teacher.

The Government gives very little support for non-government
organizations (NGOs) and churches to do these kind of projects in Atauro.

Your Support

This is a great opportunity for you to support the early stage and
future development of the school and the wonderful work of Dunalva
Coelho and the Community of Atauro.a

For further information please contact Dunalva Coelho on +670 7237352

Thank you for your interest in this wonderful project. I look forward
to your support and lasting friendship.

On behalf of Dunalva Coelho,

Thank you.

Ana Joaquim-Pedruco, Volunteer and friend;

Idalina Da Silva, friend from Wings Of Hope for Timor-Leste;


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