Guy Campos ‘aided to leave country’

Guy Campos ‘aided to leave country’


September 17, 2009 02:55pm

THE Federal Government has rejected claims alleged war criminal Guy
Campos was aided in leaving Australia, saying he was required to
leave because his visa had expired.

The East Timorese national, who was being investigated for war crimes
by the Australian Federal Police, flew to Indonesia on Monday,
prompting allegations the Government had aided his departure.

But Immigration Minister Chris Evans said Mr Campos had no choice but
to leave the country under the terms of his immigration status.

“My understanding is the AFP were not in a position to be able to
charge him,” Senator Evans said.

“Therefore he was legally entitled to leave, and in fact, in terms of
his migration status, was required to leave.”

Mr Campos was in Australia on a bridging visa after attending
Youth Day in Sydney last year.

His application for a protection visa was rejected as was an appeal
to the
Review Tribunal and a subsequent request for ministerial intervention.

“He was not entitled to Australia’s protection. He was on a bridging
visa and he chose to leave the country,” Senator Evans said.

The AFP had been investigating Mr Campos over allegations relating to
torture in
Timor in the 1990s.

Evans said Mr Campos was entitled to the presumption of innocence.

“Mr Campos is a person who has not been convicted of anything,” he said.

“A lot of the allegations made by people accusing him of being a war
criminal are quite frankly flying in the face of the normal
presumption of innocence in Australia.”


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