Justice for east timor’s war crimes including my father, Manuel Magalhaes de Oliveira ( the leader o

Dear Ivete,
After I read your email, I understood how you feel about your father’s
death. We have the same story. Our leaders are worrying about their
pocket and how to get power quickly as possible. They might have
forgotten or ignore what has happened to East Timorese people during
Indonesian occupation as our leaders never been tortured by the
ABRI…Do you believe in justice? Do you trust our leaders? Soon our
country Timor Leste will be like Zimbabwe or Mugabe…who knows??? I
hope everything will be alright with you, sometimes we have to speak
loudly and demand for JUSTICE…don’t give up…NO RETREAT NO
SURRENDER! A luta continua! Naldo

— On Tue, 9/1/09, ivete leite de oliveira

Hi Everyone
My name is Ivete de Oliveira; My Father Manuel Magalhaes was the leader
of CNRT in Bobonaro District during the Indonesian occupation. He was
killed Sept. 9, 1999, at a lagoon near Maliana.

During his life my father has fought for independence.
After 12 November massacre my dad was arrested, tortured and had to
remain in Maliana District military Headquarter for 5 moths.

4 months before Referendum our house was burnt down and my father had
to remain in POLRES until the day he was murdered.

I know and believe my father was a really influential independence
fighter especially for Bobonaro District. We as his children have
heard so many recognitions from people every time we went back to

But that is not the only thing we want. We want justice, we want his
work be recognised and justice is one way to do that.

He fought with all his heart and he did not get to experience how
independence is like. is justice too big to ask?

Till today I still wonder how and where exactly my father was killed.
We have never found the body because it was hacked to pieces and thrown
into the sea.

Few years ago the serious crime unit collected the evidence from our
family, which was the remaining of my father’s clothes on the day he
was killed. Since then we have not heard any progress of the

This is just a story from one person and I could not speak for everyone
but I strongly believe victims will say justice needs to be done in
order for us to move on. We shouldnt just forget the past because past
is what has brought us to where we are today.

link to story/news about my father can be found here






Any one who is interested to support justice in East Timor please join
this group



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