Ramos-Horta rejects calls for war crime probe


ABC Radio Australia

Ramos-Horta rejects calls for war crime probe

Last Updated: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 16:26:00 +1000

East Timor’s President Jose Ramos-Horta says bringing the perpetrators
of human rights abuses to trial isn’t a priority for most people in his

An Amnesty International report says there’s been no real justice for
the victims of human rights abuses in East Timor during the Indonesian

It recommends an international tribunal be set up to bring the
perpetrators to account.

But Dr Ramos-Horta is opposed to the recommendations in the report.

He says Indonesia is making progress dealing with problems in its past.

“Indonesians in their own time, on their own agenda…they’re the ones
who eventually will bring to trial those in Indonesia responsible for
crimes in Indonesia, in Aceh, in Irian and in East Timor,” he said.

Dr Horta also says a tribunal is not what many people, particularly the
poor in his country, want.

“Not one raised the issues of ’99. Not one talk about putting
Indonesians on trial, all they ask me again and again. Mr President
when are we going to have electricity, when are we going to have a
telephone network here, we need water into our village,” he said.


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