Media Release: FRETILIN urges Timor authorities to deal with arrested militia figure according to l

*FRETILIN – Timor-Leste National Parliament*

*Dili, (17th August 2009)*
*Authorities must apply law notwithstanding diplomatic pressure on Suai
miltia man*

FRETILIN MP and former Minister in the FRETILIN government, Jose
Teixeira, was supported by other FRETILIN MPs today in urging the
National Police and the Attorney General (also known as the Prosecutor
General) to apply the full wieght of Timor-Leste’s law without fear in
dealing with accused arrested miltia man Martenus Bere and not to be
influenced in any way by the diplomatic pressure currently being
exerted. Martenus Bere, an Indonesian citizen who is accused of being a
leading figure in the Laksaur militia in the Suai region, was arrested
over the weekend in Suai after having come into Timor-Leste to attend a

“There are credible and serious allegations that Mr Bere committed
multiple grave crimes in 1999, in the wake of the pro independence
referendum result having been announced. FRETILIN MPs have been urged
by residents and family of victims from Covalima (Suai) District to
ensure that Mr Bere dealt with according to law. The community fears
that he will simply be released back across the border due to
insistence by Indonesian authorities for this to happen. This should
not happen until the prosecutorial authorities and or the courts have
had their say,” Teixeira said.

He added: “According to information we obtained from a fellow MP from
Suai, had the national Police not arrested Mr Bere when they did, then
some members of the local cmmunity would likely have taken matters into
their own hands and harmed, if not killed, Mr Bere. This is the extent
of the notoriety of this man’s past and the emotions he has engendered
by his mere presence. We must at all cost avoid any further needless
bloodshed in this already emotionally wounded community.”

In his statement to parliament Mr Teixeira reiterated his party’s
commitment to ensure that the victims of crimes committed in the wake
of the 1999 Independence Referendum, which marks its 10th anniversay on
the 30th of this month, are afforded Justice according to International
Law and the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste.

“That must start with authorities applying the law to its full extent
and not to be influenced by diplomatic pressure. We will make sure we
monitor the progress of this very improtant test case for justice in
our country,” he concluded.

For further information please do hesitate to call Jose Teixeira MP on
+670 728 7080

Please refer below to some information published on the web about Mr

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: The Dili Insider
Date: Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 8:19 AM
Subject: [The Dili Insider] Bere buried the Priests…

…in the

That Witness and his friends brought the bodies to the Metamao beach in
East Nusa Tenggara for burial and then Witness along with the community
led by Martenus [Bere] dug three graves for the Pastors, and 14 graves
for the men and 10 for women.


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