Portugal’s Secret War 2

Thanks Robert.

It is a forgotten part of our history. Under the guise of
anti-colonialism, these was the germination of Javanese imperialism that
plagued our history until 25 April 1974 and the formation of ASDT and
then FRETILIN, declaration of independence on 28 November 1975 and
restored by international recognition in 2002, following the plebeciste
in 1999. Portugal’s secret war though not noble and seeking to maintain
a colonialist empire prevented Timor from historically becoming
integrated in the Indonesian post colonialist empire. Neither was the
Indonesian incursions and involvement in Timor from the time of
Indonesian merdeka any less sinister than Portuguese colonialism, as no
one has proved to me (to the contrary my own research proves my point)
that Indonesian intervention was not intended to help Timorese in their
self determination aspirations, but to make Timor a part of the
Indonesian post colonial nation. Had they succeeded earlier against the
Portuguese, without doubt Timor-Leste’s fate would have been exactly
that of West Papua, a de facto and de jure part of Indonesia with little
or no hope of self determination ever.

Jose Teixeira



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