[Fwd: Fw: CAVR report ‘Chega!’ needs debate!]

Chega! Enough prevarication re debate of this CAVR report in

At least allow a debate!! The government cannot be blamed for what
MPs say in debate, if that is what they are worried about.

It is hard to understand why this has not been debated. Otherwise
this refusal is an insult to all those who worked for CAVR, all those
who gave evidence, and all those who have supported East Timor’s right
to live free of military abuse and injustice.

We see that it took nearly 35 years to deal publicly with the killing
of 5 foreign journalists in Balibo and another in Dili, in 1975, by
the Coronial Inquiry by Dorelle Pinch in Sydney (dealt with the
‘Balibo 5’, to find they were deliberately targetted and murdered by
Indonesian armed forces on 16th October ). But the murder of Roger
East has been left until the release this week of the magnificent film
‘Balibo’ to publicly focus on and identify his murder, (despite
occasional attempts mainly by affet in Darwin). Thanks Rob Connolly,
Anthony LaPaglia, John Maynard, Clinton F, and ALL involved, for such
a wonderful film.

Do we have to wait more than 35 years to have a debate in the East
Timor Parliament on the 200,000 or more deaths that occurred in East
Timor due to the invasion by Indonesian armed forces. (I realise
Chega! says 183,000, but they required a very high level of proof).
If the government likes, MPs could focus on the heroic resistance of
so many East Timorese rather than the cruelty of the invading armed
forces. I think there is still a dearth of knowledge outside of
activists of the extent of this heroic resistance by so many, it is
amazing and stupendous by any standards, and needs public
acknowledgement to tell the world what an amazing country we are
talking about.

Rob Wesley-Smith
convenor, australians for a free east timor


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