Rede ba Rai Press Release: Los Palos: US Ambassador and the Minister for Justice bring the Draft La

Tetum iha kraik.

*Los Palos: US Ambassador and the Minister for Justice **bring the Draft
Land Law to Lautem*

* *

*18 July*

On Tuesday 14th July, the Minister for Justice Lucia Lobato and US
Ambassador Hans G. Klemm brought the Draft Land Law (which was written
with support from the USAID ‘Ita Nia Rai’ project) to Los Palos.

In total 17 people were given 50 minutes to share their opinions before
the Minister and US Ambassador had to cut the meeting short (1.10pm) in
order to fly back to Dili.

*Some comments from the speakers;*

‘Today is a happy day, an important day for Lautem where we share our
thoughts on the new land law – in order to resolve land conflicts we
need a law that is truly appropriate to the people of Timor’ – District
Administrator of Lautem.

‘You see the impact of this project in the fact that there are so many
[232] participants here this morning’, US Ambassador, Sr. Hans G. Klemm.

‘All people have the right to share their opinions with the Minister’ –
Director of DNTPSC, Sr. Antonio Verdial de Sousa.

‘It is great to see the democratic process in operation like this in the
districts’ – UNMIT representative.

‘The Minister does not need to hear your stories about land, only
substantive suggestions about the law will be accepted’ – discussion

‘All submissions sent to would be considered for
incorporation’ – Minister for Justice, Sra. Lucia Lobato.

*Some comments from participants;*

Paulino Santos (Lautem District), ‘what is the point in giving our
opinions, the government is not really interested, in order to do this
meeting properly we need a minimum of 4 days’

‘We have much experience with this type of meeting format, what happens
is that we do not get to share our opinions’ – Joaniko Jeronimu

Jose Vilanova (Xefe Suko Mehara), after being cut off for talking about
the history of land in Suko Mehara, said that ‘in order to understand
the situation here you must listen to the past’.

‘How can I get access to the internet to send my thoughts to the
minister?’ – Women’s Representative, Suko Fuiloro.

Pedro Vieira, Rede ba Rai Monitoring Co-ordinator summed up that
participants had come from the 34 Suko’s of Lautem district because they
were worried about their land rights, ‘in particular people are
worried, and rightly so, about state, church and international power
over their land’.

For further information and public comment please contact Meabh Cryan
from the Rede ba Rai at +670 730 7800 , Pedro Vieira at +670 7269038
or email

Rede ba Rai is supported by joint funding from IrishAid, Concern
Worldwide noTrócaire.


*Los Palos: Embaixadór husi Estadus Unidus no Ministra da *

***Justisa lori Ezbozu Lei de Terras ba Lautem*

* *

*18 Julhu 2009*

Tersa-feira 14 Julhu Ministra de Justisa, Lucia Lobato no Embaixadór
Amerika, Sr. Hans G. Klemm mak lori Ezbozu Lei de Terras (ne’ebé
hakerek ho supporta husi USAID sira no projetu ‘Ita Nia Rai’) ba
Distritu Lautem.

Hotu hamutuk ema nain 17 hetan minutu 50 deit atu fahe sira nian hanoin
antes Ministra no Sr. Klemm tenki taka enkontru molok ajenda remata
(tuku 1.10 lokraik) atu fila ba Dili ho avion.

*Komentáriu ruma husi oradór sira;***

‘Ohin loron haksolok, ne’e loron importante ba distritu Lautem tamba
ita mai hamutuk atu fahe ita-nia hanoin kona-bá Lei de Terras foun –
atu rezolva konflitu rai ita presiza harii lei ne’ebé serve duni’ –
Administradór Distritu Lautem.

‘Ita bele haree katak projetu ida ne’é iha impaktu bo’ot ba ema tamba
partisipante barak [232] ne’ebé mai tuir enkontru ne’e ohin dadere’ –
Embaixadór Estadus Unidus Sr. Hans G. Klemm.

‘Ema hotu hotu iha direitu atu fahe sira-nia opinaun ho Ministra’ –
Diretor DNTPSC, Sr. Antonio Verdial de Sousa.

‘Diak tebes atu haree prosesu ne’ebe demokratiku la’o hanesan ne’e iha
distritu’ – representante husi UNMIT.

‘Ministra la hakarak rona ita bo’ot nian istoria kona-ba rai, deit ita
bo’ot nia sujestaun kona-ba kontuidu lei’ – moderador diskusaun.

‘Submisaun hotu sei haruka ba sei konsidera atu hatama
iha Lei’ – Ministra de Justisa, Sra. Lucia Lobato.

*Komentáriu ruma husi partisipante-sira;*

Paulino Santos (Distritu Lautem), ‘Governu la interesadu kona-ba ita-nia
opinaun entaun tamba-sa ita sei fó ita-nia opinaun? Atu fo komentariu
ne’ebe effetivu presiza minimum loron 4’.

‘Ita iha esperiensa ona ho formatu hanesan enkontru ida ne’e, resultadu
ne’ebe, ita la hetan oportunidade atu fahe ita-nia hanoin’ – Joaniko
Jeronimu (Iliomar).

Depois moderadór teri nia liafuan tamba nia fó istoraia rai Suko Mehara
Jose Vilanova (Xefe Suko Mehara) – mak dehan katak, ‘atu komprende
situasaun iha ne’e ita tenki rona ho ita-nia pasadu’.

‘Oinsa hau bele asesu internet atu haruka hau-nia hanoin ba Ministra?’ –
Representante Feto husi Suko Fuiloro.

Pedro Vieira, co-ordenadór monitoizasaun husi Rede ba Rai mak fó nia
analisa, ne’ebe katak ’ema barak, husi suko hotu hotu (34 iha distritu
Lautem) mak tuir enkontru ida ne’e tamba sira tauk, ho razaun, koná-ba
estado, igreja, no estranjeiro sira nian kbiit atu foti rai iha nasaun

Ba informasaun tan ka halo intrevista, bele kontaktu ba Pedro Viera husi
Rede ba Rai at +67… ka email

Rede ba Rai Timor-Leste hetan apoiu husi IrishAid, Concern Worldwide no


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