Literacy Campaign with Cuban Program Advances in Timor-Leste

Literacy Campaign with Cuban Program Advances in Timor-Leste

HAVANA, Cuba , Dec 18 (acn) Timor-Leste carried
out its second National Literacy Teaching
Graduation, a campaign developed with the Cuban program Yes I Can.

The Head of State of this Asia- Pacific nation,
José Manuel Ramos, a Nobel Peace Prize winner,
presented a group of 400 graduates from 13
districts with their certificates, during a
ceremony held at the Ministry of Education in Dili, the capital.

Also participating in the ceremony were Education
Minister Joao Cancio Freitas; the Secretary of
State for Culture, Virgilio Smith; Cuba ’s
ambassador in that country, Ramón Hernández, and
other personalities, the Granma newspaper reports on Wednesday.

This new graduation is the result of the second
stage of work that began in April, with the
arrival of 35 Cuban advisors that are offering
their services in these territories.

After the ceremony, the president, like the
Education Minister, thanked the Cuban people and
government for the help provided to his country
in the fields of education and public health.

For his part, Hernández highlighted the efforts
made by the students, facilitators, Cuban
advisors and coordinators in Timor Leste to achieve this goal.

He also underlined the call made by the President
to declare Timor-Leste a territory free of
illiteracy in a two year term, with which it
could become the first nation in Asia-Pacific and
the fourth in the world to accomplish this
objective, after Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia.

Avanza alfabetización en Timor Leste con programa cubano


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