Random observations from an English speaking foreigner in Dili, Timor-Leste



Cristo Riviera

Posted in Culture/Society, Recreation at 3:05 pm by Squatter

This year, the road to the Cristo Rei statue has been upgraded and is now almost 100% pothole-less. It even has lights. It has new restaurants at Metiaut who have lifted the game a bit.

Further down past the Metiaut restaurant strip, there are signs of increased development with a trend to building properties on the seaside of the road with 2 metre high fences around them. Maybe one day, you will not be able to see the sea from the road.

Further along again, there is a big re-development of the Cristo Rei restaurant strip from Caz Bar onwards. Public toilets are being built at both ends and a new low stone wall alongside the road. Small statues sit each side of the numerous openings in this stone wall. A footpath is being constructed just over the wall.

I can almost see the day when this area has sun lounges for hire. Although this may appeal to some, a typical OZ response to that is to find another beach. Anyway, welcome to Cristo Riviera.

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