East Timor: Hydroelectric plant opened to supply electricity to Baucau [ 2008-11-19 ]

Dili, East Timor, 19 Nov – Gariuai, the first hydroelectric power
plant in East Timor was opened last week in order to provide
electricity to the city of Baucau.

The mini hydroelectric plant was a gift from Norway and it was built
under guidance of the Norwegian Directorate for Hydro and Energy
Resources, which has supported East Timor in managing its hydro and
energy resources since 2003.

Norway has invested over 1.4 million Norwegian kroner (around
US$204,000) on building this mini plant and the 4-kilometre
transmission line that will supply electricity to the city of Baucau,
which has thus far been dependent on diesel generators.

The Norconsult/Norplan consortium has also concluded field work for
economic feasibility studies for the Iralalary hydroelectric Project
and the transmission line to Dili, the final report of which is due
to be handed in at the beginning of 2009. (macauhub)


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