Timor’s activist Rob Wesley-Smith recovering after serious accident

[interview is in english. Listen at http://sbs.com.au/elg/portuguese-081002-24a.mp3 ]

SBS Portuguese program

Thu, Oct 02 2008
Well known activist for Timor-Leste, Robert Wesley-Smith, is hospitalized in Darwin from a very serious accident earlier last month, where he suffered some brain damage, nine broken ribs, a collapsed lung and bruises in his body.

His brother Martin Wesley-Smith talks to SBS Radios’s Beatriz Wagner about what happened when Rob was helping a friend in Arnhem Land to replace the tin roof of the house. He fell onto a metal skip after being hit by a large metal sheet. Martin also talks on the prospects for Rob’s recovery.

Rob’s 66th birthday was on the 1st of October, when this story was first on air.

The SBS Radio Portuguese program last interviewed Rob Wesley-Smith in Sydney last year at the conclusion of the Balibo’s Coroner Court case, on 16 November. We play here part of this interview from our archives, where Rob commented on the enquiry and also criticized some public figures, including then prime-minister John Howard, finishing the interview with “I’m sorry, John”.

Recently Rob was working on Angelita Pires’ case, pressing the President of Timor-Leste, José Ramos-Horta, to apologised after accusing her of being behind the attack on his official residence on the 11th February where Angelita’s partner, Alfredo Reinado, was killed. Up until now there is no evidence presented against Angelita Pires.

Messages for Rob Wesley-Smith can be sent to his brother’s email at martin@wesley-smith.info .


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