The streets

Random observations from an English speaking foreigner in Dili, Timor-Leste


The streets
Posted in Getting around at 11:42 am by Squatter

There is no doubt that the traffic is the busiest I have seen it. No, I haven’t done a traffic survey. I base it on the increased frequency of cussing and animated hand gestures. Apart from the florid bits, the words “road awareness” pass my lips all too often. Like while I am holding back as I see the car in front drift slowly to the right to give a nice wide turning circle in order to go left. So while I am holding back to avoid possible conflict with parked car on the other side of the road, the car behind floors the pedal and overtakes me. !@#$#@ … not long to live for these guys !

I had my 20th bicycle tyre blow-out last week – again it was a faulty locally sourced inner tube that was the culprit. I have now replaced it with a tube sourced from OZ.

Slowly but surely the IDP camps are closing down which makes the streets appear more orderly. The significant ones to go have been the Jardim camp right outside Hotel Timor, the one at the old Chinese Embassy down near Hotel Dili (plus the huge build-up across the road by the sea) and the huge airport camp.

A lot of the others are a little more hidden or in out-of-the way places so I don’t tend to notice changes in those, but I do notice that the Motael Church camp seems as packed as it has ever been. So some may have returned home (whether old or new), some have gone to other temporary camps and others have probably moved into some of the existing camps.


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