God squad smears Alkatiri – again

Many leaders involved in February 11th attempt, says a priest, Suara Timor Lorosae, 09 September

Leadership of the country starting from the Attorney General, Prime Minister, President of the Republic, including ex-Prime Minister Marí Alkatiri are believed to be involved in the February 11 attempt which severely wounded PR José Ramos Horta and killed former Military Police Commander of the F-FDTL Major Alfredo Reinado.

“They all involved in a game where in the end they make a laundry where they put in their dirty clothes to wash in the single event,” said President of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Baukau Diocese Fr. Martinho Gusmão Monday (8/9) in Dili.

He said, the February 11th attempt was not more than a form of theatre on the East Timor’s side where leaders used various means available to get rid off it.

Gusmão added everyone has right to mistrust the leadership as there are indications that some principal actors of the event had to get medical treatment outside of the country though the ailment suffered is not so complicated.

“We may suspect them that they had dealings outside the country while they on the treatment; that is why everyone has right to suspect,” he commented.


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