The first trial of Munir : Muchdi was threatened sentence for life

Dear Friends,

Today, the hearing of Muchdi Purwoprandjono, the former Deputy V BIN,
started at 10 am with the agenda of reading indictment of the Munir’s
murder at the South Jakarta District Court. Muchdi was threatened
against the article 55 point 1: 2e jo article 340 of Criminal Code
sentenced for life.

In the indictment mentioned that Munir is the one of prominent human
rights activist who really vocal to critic policy damaged to
Indonesian society. One of his activities was to resolve the case of
enforced disappearance of activists in 1997 when he covered up the
one of perpetrators, Muchdi Purwoprandjono as General Command of
Special Armed Forces until he got suspension. When Muchdi got
position as Deputy V BIN, he abused his authority to kill the late of
Munir because of his revenge. Then he pointed Pollycarpus as agent of

Furthermore, Pollycarpus gave the letter released by BIN (Muchdi) to
Garuda to be placed as Aviation Security giving legally for him to be
inside of the aircraft. When Munir planned to go to study,
Pollycarpus tried to monitor his activity along his departure on 6
September 2004 calling to his cell phone answered by his wife
Suciwati stated that he would go on 6 September 2004.

Meanwhile, the surrounding of inside the Court was full by group of
White and Red Brigade from Muchdi’s group. Outside the court, the
group held demonstration with poster written “The judges do not obey
with the pressure from outside”, the government and apparatus do not
obey to NGOs and judge’s intervention”.

The hearing will be continued on 2 September 2008 with exception
coming from Muchdi via his lawyers.


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