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Dili-gence: Holiday Weekend Things

Dili-gence Random observations from an English speaking foreigner in
Dili, Timor-Leste


Holiday Weekend Things Posted in Entertainment, Events , Recreation at
11:21 am by Squatter

The streets are a bit quieter except for the military parade practice
outside the Palacio accompanied by street closures.

The old Jardim IDP camp outside Hotel Timor has a bright shiny tin
fence encircling it. It also has a developers sign which is a pretty
good indication that its days as a park are over. The sign mentions 3
companies : Home Rest International, Diamond Sea Development and
Pacific Timor Internet.

There is a new restaurant down at the Metiaut seaside strip – the New
Paradise. It appears to be aiming at the higher end and has a sense of
permanency about it. It may well be a new incarnation of the old
Paradise Balinese restaurant which means involvement by Andy – lately
of Hotel Vila Verde.

There is a brand-spanking new white line down the centre of the road
from the President’s house right into town (or almost as I don’t think
it has quite made it all the way yet).

In Australian Rules football news, the Timor-Leste Crocs defeated the
East Dili Eels 8-3-51 to 6-7-43 at the National Stadium. The Crocs
crocks sustained moderate injuries with Crocs full-back, Daisy injuring
his wrist requiring hospital treatment. Another injury to an Eels
player resulted in the Crocs captain switching sides to even up the
numbers. The Crocs played like a rabble after that turncoat effort but
held on to win thanks to some poor goal kicking by the Eels late in the


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