Truth and Reconciliation Report

Dear All,

The long awaited Truth and Reconciliation Report is due to be released
tomorrow. Although the report is not the total white wash expected, the
leaked copies stating the Indonesia security forces were involved in
an organised campaign of violence”. The Indonesian state
bears constitutional responsibility” for crimes against humanity, there
are no calls for prosecution.

The governments of Indonesia and East Timor state they are prepared
to accept the final report into the militia violence that occurred
during 1999’s independence vote, note the word militia.

The only person ever jailed, militia leader Eurico
Guterres, was cleared of involvement by Indonesia’s Supreme
Court in April.

Former Indonesian armed forces chief Wiranto, indicted by UN
prosecutors in 2003 for crimes against humanity for his alleged
role in the violence, is tilting for a second run at Indonesia’s
presidency in next year’s election, and is embraced by Xanana as a
friend and comrade.

The Suharto family live a live of luxury and impunity.

Meanwhile the Timorese people still struggle to rebuild their lives,
while the commission recommends that the two
presidents together acknowledge responsibility for past violence
and apologise to the peoples of the two nations and especially
to the victims of violence for the suffering they have endured.”

The CTF has been widely criticised as being a toothless tiger, with
the UN refusing to participate.

Small wonder the Indonesia Human Rights Committee is calling for a
strong international response calling for an international tribunal
which can hold those guilty of crimes against humanity to account.

Tyneside East Timor Solidarity

Begin forwarded message:

Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 12:45:54 -0400
From: ETAN
Subject: IHRC-NZ: Commission for Truth and Friendship

Indonesia Human Rights Committee
PO Box 68

13 July, 2008

Media Release: Call for action on Truth and Reconciliation Report

The Australian media (Sydney Morning Herald July 11, 2008) has obtained
leaked copies of the report of the joint Indonesia and Timor-Leste
Commission for Truth and Reconciliation. Surprisingly, the Commission
has come up with a report that lays the major blame for the 1999
bloodshed in Timor-Leste at the feet of Indonesian military, police and
government officials. There is, however, no call for prosecutions as
that was not in the Commission’s narrow mandate.

‘The release of this report, which is scheduled for tomorrow, must be
the cue for a strong international response calling for an
international tribunal which can hold those guilty of crimes against
humanity to account,” said Maire Leadbeater speaking for the Indonesia
Human Rights Committee. “It is time for New Zealand to come out of the
shadows and take a stand for justice and on behalf of the Timorese
victims of violence.’

‘This report is bound to create some shock ripples, as the Commission’s
report was expected to be something of a whitewash. Instead, it states
that the Indonesia security forces were involved in an “organised
campaign of violence”. The Indonesian state bears “institutional
responsibility” for crimes including murder, rape, torture, illegal
detention, and forced mass deportations that led to international

‘There is not even one single Indonesian military officer or government
official in jail for the abuses and massacres that took place in
Timor-Leste over the 24 years of the Indonesian occupation.[1] Eighteen
people were tried in an ad-hoc Jakarta human rights trial but all have
now been acquitted. Timor-Leste lost close to a third of its
population, but the key architects such as General Wiranto, who was in
command in 1999, continue to lead prominent public lives. General
Wiranto is campaigning to be the next President.’

‘The people of Timor-Leste have had to struggle to construct their new
nation virtually from scratch. During the Indonesian occupation the
country lost nearly one third of its population and many remain deeply
traumatised by the memories and scars of the violence they and their
families endured. It is not surprising that Timor-Leste struggles to
ensure community security and stability.’

‘ There are international tribunals under way to address the crimes
committed in Sierra Leone, former Yugoslavia and Cambodia. Now it is
Timor-Leste’s turn.’

Further information: Maire Leadbeater: 09-815-9000 or 0274-436-957

[1] for a Summary of Justice
Processes and Commissions for Timor-Leste


Indonesia Human Rights Committee is a solidarity organization which
aims to build links between the people of New Zealand and Indonesia by
developing network with the groups in Indonesia and around the world
who are working for human rights and democracy in Indonesia. Being
interested is not enough, get involved!



2 responses to “Truth and Reconciliation Report

  1. The truth is not there yet
    You people do have a problem with the military, so you twist the findings. For 9 years you have blamed Wiranto. Well, he’s the less guilty of all the government. Let’s see if you can see the light:
    1. Habibie was the architect: of the referendum that could not be lost, whatever cost. No one desobeyed him. This was pure State terrorism. Some gave money, the other gave a bitting or worse.When all was going to the dogs it was Wiranto who forced him to retreat. What he wanted to do was to declare war on Australia to avoid the INTERFET to go into Timor Leste.Anyone blames him? No. He’s considered a democrat and a liberator. PATHETIC!
    2. Alatas signed the agreement with Portugal in bad faith from the start. He preached and paid the militia. He lied his way through and in the end he blamed the miliatry. Where is he? Doing fine surely.
    3. Faisal Tanjung, minister of all security, superior of Wiranto ordered the black ops. In fact the only military present were undercover. The militia had no training and were organized by the governor and also funded by civilian integrationists.The troops were kept in their barracks.
    4. Wiranto knew what was going on? Of course he did, just as the others. He tried to play the good cop routine, but on the 4th September when the results were known he wanted to abort the second part of the plan: scorched earth and deportation. The President and all other ministers said no. So on the 7th, with the support of other moderate generals, including Susilo, he said to Habibie it was over and they imposed the martial law and then let the UN come in.
    So, dears, who is the guy Timor has to thank for and who are the real bastards? No, your truth is no truth at all. shame on you. Be brave and tell the world the real truth.

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