Investigation delay risks more instability, says FRETILIN



Media release
13 April 2008

Timor-Leste’s de facto government is deliberately delaying the
establishment of an independent international investigation into the
February 11 incidents in which President Jose Ramos Horta was shot and
seriously wounded, FRETILIN said today.

FRETILIN’s General Secretary, Dr Mari Alkatiri, said an international
commission of investigation as demanded by parliament on March 3 was
needed to uncover the truth about the attacks.

Dr Alkatiri was commenting on local media reports (11 April, Timor
Post) that the US government had, through its ambassador Hans Klemm,
offered to provide the de facto government with “assistance to ensure
an in depth investigation so the whole public can know the truth.”

Dr Alkatiri said: “This expression of goodwill and support from one of
our best friends should be taken up immediately as part of the process
of restoring stability in this country through an absolutely
independent and transparent investigative process by international
legal and other experts.”

President Ramos-Horta sustained multiple gunshot wounds in an assault
on his residence on February 11, which saw army mutineer Alfredo
Reinado killed.

Timor-Leste’s parliament, by a vote of 33 to 17, called on the de
facto government to negotiate with United Nations representatives to
establish “an international investigation commission, that will search
and evaluate new findings and identify those involved in the incident
of 11 February 2008.”

Dr Alkatiri said today: “The de facto government has done nothing to
implement the resolution of parliament.

“Its inaction ignores the wishes of the people who want to know the
truth behind the attack against Timor-Leste’s state institutions.

“Any further delay in seeking the truth risks arousing further
instability in our nation and erodes the goodwill of the international
community towards Timor Leste.”

For more information please contact:

Jose Teixeira (+670) 728 7080


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