Salsinha has “exhausted patience” to the Government

[machine translation thanks to google, Portuguese original follows – JMM/ETAN]

Radio Renascenca

East Timor
01-04-2008 8:18 01-04-2008 8:

The impasse in the surrender of Salsinha, involved in attacks on the President and Prime Minister Timorese, is causing unrest in Dili.

The Timorese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zacarias da Costa, says the rebels have expressed their willingness to surrender, but raises several conditions and so far nothing has happened.

The objective of the government is that the fugitives surrender without a bullet being fired, but the armed action starts to be considered.

“We are trying through dialogue, but we are also ready to intervene if necessary and attempt a more violent action,” the chief guarantor of diplomacy, Timor.

The impasse is exhausting the patience of the international community – this was made clear at the Conference of Donors of the past week-end.

The insecurity in the country created by the fact that those responsible for attacks on February 11 are still at large does not move to priority projects for the development of East Timor.

Zacarias da Costa agrees and accepts that the Government’s patience is also running out.

“We placed the issue of security and stability as a priority so we can start with other projects of development and we know that without security, few companies will want to invest in the country,” he says.

It is true that there are priorities that remain dependent on the surrender of Salsinha (and other groups) and the lifting of the state of emergency in the country, in force for almost two months.

“He wants to surrender through the Catholic Church, but also says he prefers to wait for the President. We do not know exactly what he wants, but we are waiting for are delivered several weeks,” confessed the minister.

The President of the Timorese Parliament, Lasama Araújo, Renaissance said yesterday that any assistance given to Salsinha will be considered “criminal act”.

MG / Anabela Góis


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