Press Briefing – questions about UN investigation


Question: President [Ramos-]Horta of East Timor, now that he’s
recuperating in Australia, has again raised this issue that he
believes that the UN police didn’t come to his aid and obstructed
those who tried to help him. He said it on Australian television. So
the UN at the time said it was looking into it. What has the UN
concluded about its actions on the day of the attack?

Spokesperson: Let me first say that we don’t respond to statements
made by leaders of Timor-Leste, whom we respect greatly. The comments
attributed to President Ramos-Horta are taken seriously and would be
investigated in the context of an internal review exercise of dealing
with the incident. However, we would state also that trilateral
coordination forum that brings together ISF, UN and Timor-Leste,
under the leadership of Timor-Leste, is the mechanism that
coordinates responses in such cases. An immediate meeting of that
triangular coordination forum was held under the chairmanship of the
Prime Minister within a few hours of the attacks, and appropriate
decisions were taken and implemented at that time. That’s all I can
say, really, at this point.

Question: I just have one follow up to that. By saying it’s an
internal review, does that mean that whenever the conclusions are
reached they will be announced publicly?

Spokesperson: It’s going to be an internal review within UNMIT.

Question: Right, but then there’ll be an external result, they’ll
say, here’s what we found, we found that we did the right thing or we
found we didn’t?

Spokesperson: I don’t know at this point, I cannot tell you at this
point. It was to be done in coordination with the Timor-Leste
Government, of course.



2 responses to “Press Briefing – questions about UN investigation

  1. Strange Reply
    ‘We don’t respond to statements made by Timore-Leste leaders, whom we respect greatly,’
    seems a strange reply to the question and rather contradictory.

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