97 IDP families return home



28 March 2008

On 25 March, as part of the government’s Hamutuk
Hari’i Futuru national recovery strategy, 92
families from Canossa Has Laran, 3 families from
Bombeiros, 1 family from Bairro Pite and 1 family
from the CARE Compound camps were assisted to return to their homes.

Since the commencement of the program, a total of
321 IDP families have returned and received
recovery packages under the Hamutuk Hari’i Uma program.

According to Minister for Social Solidarity,
Maria Domingas Alves, “the return of these
families is a result of the Ministry’s ongoing
hard work to help those IDPs who are willing and
able to return home to do so.” Each of the
families who returned today had received a
recovery grant from the Ministry of Social
Solidarity to help them rebuild or repair their
homes. Each person, including children, also
received 16 kg of rice. The families were
assisted to return with transport provided by the
Ministry of Social Solidarity.

Carlos Correia, a resident of Canossa Has Laran
camp, thanked the government for facilitating his
family’s return. “I am not afraid to return
because I trust the government’s
program”. Another resident of Canossa Has Laran,
Pasquela Sequeira said “we are ready to return,
and we are no longer scared, but we hope the
government will continue to provide us with
security.” To ensure safety upon returns MSS has
requested PNTL and UNPol patrols during the first few nights after return.

It is anticipated that 131 families (708 people)
will move back to Ermera district from Liquica,
Gleno and Central Pharmacy on Saturday.

The next camp to be assisted to return will be
the Hospital Camp. MSS staff have completed
receiving information, and are currently entering
this information into the database. Amandio
Amaral Freitas, General Coordinator of the
Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru program confirmed
“verification of this information will commence
today. It is hoped that some IDPs can commence
returning from the Hospital within two weeks.
Those who are unable to return to their house
from the hospital, and are verified as having
been displaced, will be provided with temporary
housing in the new transitional housing at Becora market.”

As of 25 March, a total of 5,789 families from 15
camps and four suco offices have given detailed
information about their families and their wishes
for resettlement. MSS is aiming to complete the
rest of the registrations by June.

Secretary of State for Social Assistance and
Natural Disasters said “we know that some people
have lost the numbers assigned to them in the
mapping process. At the moment MSS is giving
priority to people that registered with
Levantamento de Dados and still have that
information. Please only respect the forms that
the MSS civil servants are carrying, and that you
fill out in the required location. People who
will be doing the registration will be carrying
MSS ID cards and wearing Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru T-shirts.”


Loron 28 fulan Marsu 2008


97 Familia Deslokados Fila Fali Ba Uma

Iha loron 25 Marsu, nudar parte ida hosi governu nia strategia rekuperasaun
nasional, Hamutuk Harii Futuru, governu ajuda 92 familia hosi kampus Canossa
Has Laran, 3 familia hosi Bombeiros, 2 familia hosi Klinica Bairro Pite ho 1
familia hosi CARE Compound atu fila fali ba sira nia uma.

To’o agora total 321 familia maka fila fali i simu tiha pakote rekuperasaun
tuir programa Hamutuk Hari’i Uma.

Ministra ba Solidaridade Sosial, Maria Domingas Alves, hatete “familia sira
ne’e bele fila fali tamba Ministerio serbisu makaas atu ajuda ema deslokadu
sira ne’ebe hakarak mos iha abilidade atu fila fali ba sira nia uma”.
Familia ida-idak ne’ebe fila fali ba sira nia uma ohin simu tiha ona osan
pakote rekuperasaun hosi Ministerio Solidaridade Sosial atu ajuda sira hari’
i fali ka hadia sira nia uma. Ema hotu ne’ebe sai ne’e mos simu foos 16kg
kada ema. Familia sira hetan ajuda atu fila hosi Ministerio Solidaridade

Carlos Correia, ema deslokadu iha kampu Canossa Has Laran fo obrigada ba
governu atu fasilita nia familia nia fila fali ba sira nia uma. “Hau la tauk
atu fila fali tamba hau fiar governu nia programa”. Pasquela Sequeira, ema
deslokado iha kampu Canossa Has Laran, hatete “ami pronto atu fila, i ami la
tauk ona, maibe ami hakarak governu atu kontinua tau matan ba ami nia
seguransa.” Atu assegura seguransa depois deslokados sira fila fali ba sira
nia uma, MSS husu PNTL ho UNPol atu halo patroli durante kalan ho loron

Ami espere katak aban 131 familia (708 pessoas) bele fila fali ba Ermera
hosi Liquica, Gleno, ho Farmacia Central.

Kampu Hospital maka kampu oin ne’ebe ami atu ajuda fila fali. Staff MSS
kompletu tiha ona simu informasaun hosi prensi formulario, i ami agora
daudauk hatama informasaun ba database. Amandio Amaral Freitas, Koordinator
Geral ba programa Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru konformasi “Ami komesa halo
re-verifikasaun ba informasaun ohin dadeer. Ami espere katak deslokados sira
bele komesa fila fali iha semana rua. Deslokado sira ne’ebe la bele fila
fali ba sira nia uma hosi hospital, i ami verifika katak sira ema deslokado,
sei hetan uma temporario iha uma transitorio iha Mercado Becora.”

To’o 25 Marsu, 5,789 familia hosi 15 kampu ho 4 sede de suco kompletu tiha
prensi formulario. MSS espere katak bele kompletu prensi formulario to’o
fulan Juni.

Secretária de Estado Assistência Social e Dezastre Naturais hatete “Ami
hatene katak ema balu lakon tiha sira nia numero mapo ho numero uma ka nunka
iha. Agora daudaun MSS fo prioridade ba ema ne’ebe registru iha Levantamento
de Dados i sei iha informasaun ne’e. Favor ida, hakerek deit iha formulario
ne’ebe funcionario MSS maka lori. Ema ne’ebe atu halo registrasaun sei lori
ID, i hatais kaos Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru.”


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