Secretary of State for Natural Disasters, Social and Humanitarian Assistance


19 March 2008

New transitional housing has been built in Becora market as part of the government’s “Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru” National Recovery Strategy.

The new transitional housing in Becora market is for people who were displaced from their homes because of the 2006 crisis and who are currently unable to return to their houses.

The new transitional housing is only for people who are living in the hospital IDP camp. This is because of reasons of health, security, and because of the hospital renovations.

If there are households who are unable to return to their houses, the entire household has to go to the transitional housing. We will not allow splitting of families. The members of households will have to come together and make a decision about where they will go together.

We have identified those families living in the hospital at the moment and we will give priority to them so we can liberate the hospital for everyone.

For all of those people who are able to go home, we will provide recovery packages to support their reintegration and repairs to their housing.

We will be checking and verifying with local authorities that everyone used to live in the house they said they did, whether they want to go home or not.

For those who were renting in the past and who lost their possessions: the government in this phase is only concentrating on re-housing people who were displaced. Subsequent government programs will be addressing the loss of possessions and the loss of business assets. But you are not eligible to go into transitional housing. Nor are you eligible to receive recovery packages for damage to the housing, because it did not belong to you.

The government hopes that this new transitional housing in Becora market will help provide a temporary solution to the problems faced by IDPs in the hospital. PNTL will be providing security at the transitional housing prior to IDPs moving there, and will continue to provide security while they live in the transitional housing.

Secretária de Estado Assistência Social e Dezastre Naturais

Loron 19 fulan Marsu 2008



Uma transitorio foun hari’i tiha ona iha merkado Becora nudar parte ida iha
governu nia Estregia Rekuperasaun Nasional “Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru”.

Governu atu fo uma transitorio foun iha merkado Becora ba ema ne’ebe hetan
deslokado tamba krize iha 2006 i agora dadaun labele fila ba sira nia uma.

Governu atu fo prioridade ba uma transisional foun ba ema ne’ebe hela iha
kampu deslokado iha hospital. Ne’e tamba razaun saude, seguransa, mos tamba
rehabilitasaun ba hospital.

Se iha uma kain ne’ebe la bele fila ba sira nia uma, uma kain hotu tenke ba
uma transisional. Governu la permite uma kain atu fahe. Membrus ba uma kain
tenke decide hamutuk kona ba sira atu ba ne’ebe.

Ami identifika tiha ona familia ne’ebe hela iha hospital agora i ami sei fo
prioridade ba sira atu liberta hospital ba ema hotu.

Ba deslokado sira hotu ne’ebe bele ba uma, governu sei fo pakote
rekuperasaun atu apoio sira nia reintegrasaun ho hadia sira nia uma.

Ami sei check ho verifica ho autoridade local katak ema hotu ne’ebe hatete
sira hela iha uma ne’eba uluk, hela duni iha uma ne’eba uluk. Ami sei
verifica ne’e ba ema hotu, se sira hakarak fila fali ba uma ka lae.

Ba deslokado sira ne’ebe uluk aluga uma, maibe lakon sira nia sasan hotu,
iha fase ne’e, governu focus ba ajuda hadia ka hari’i fali uma ba ema ne’ebe
lakon sira nia uma rasik. Iha futuru governu sei focus kona ba sasan ho
business ne’ebe ema lakon.
Maibe ema ne’ebe uluk aluga uma la bele tama uma transitorio. Mos, la bele
simu pakote rekuperasaun ba estraga ba imi nia uma ne’ebe aluga, tamba uma
ne’e laos imi nian.

Governu espere katak uma transitorio iha merkado Becora bele ajuda hetan
solusaun temporario ba problemas ne’ebe IDPs sira iha hospital hetan. PNTL
sei fo seguransa iha uma transitorio antes deslokados sira muda ne’eba, i
sei kontinua fo seguransa durante sira hela iha uma transitorio.


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