MDC candidate disappeared in Harare

Mrs Sekai Holland, MDC Senate candidate for Chizhanje, Harare, confirmed today that an MDC candidate for the local council in her area, Mr Daniel Tavengwa, has disappeared. He was last seen being chased yesterday afternoon by four ZANU-PF youth, in Epworth, Harare.

Mrs Holland also reported that the MDC candidate for the local council in Ward 7, Epworth, Mr William Mapfumo had the main door on his house broken down and belongings stolen yesterday evening.

“Our opinion here in Epworth is that ZANU-PF has launched a fear campaign against MDC in this last week before the elections on Saturday,” said Mrs Holland.

On March 29, next Saturday, the people will vote for 1,958 local government councillors at village ward level, 210 Parliamentarians, 60 Senators and one President. More than double the required number of ballot papers have been printed, police will ‘help’ people to vote, and only uncritical international observers and journalists have been accredited.

For further comment: Jim Holland +263 912 782 208

Peter Murphy 0418 312 301


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