Local jobs from oil

Dili ‘to back joint zone local training plan’

Upstream online, 13 March 2008

By Russell Searancke

The East Timor government has adopted a trade union policy requiring companies tendering for work in the joint offshore petroleum zone to provide employment and training for local people, the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) said.

The MUA said the joint Australian-Timorese union plan will become law.

The MUA and the International Transport Workers’ Federation, and unions from Indonesia, New Zealand and Norway, met at the Maritime & Transport Union of East Timor’s (UMTTL’s) fifth Anniversary in Dili in February.

“It’s quite clear the Timorese government is frustrated by the lack of infrastructure and training the multinationals are providing while they are reaping billions from Timorese resources,” said MUA assistant national secretary Mick Doleman.

“Training and jobs are important for the Timor’s future peace and stability.”

Australia and East Timor are working together to develop oil and gas deposits in the joint offshore petroleum zone in the Timor Sea between the countries.


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