Alkatiri: TL’s democracy in jeopardy

The Secretary General of Fretilin, Mari Alkatiri, has said that he believes if the questions around the events of February 11 are not clarified, then the democratic process in the country would be jeopardised. In an interview with the Portuguese News Network, Alkatiri said that reports on how the Prime Minister was ambushed were fake. Alkatiri said that Fretilin had immediately sent a person to the site of the ambush to take pictures and could thus verify that claims of multiple bullets to the PM’s car were false. Alkatiri said he believed the entire ‘ambush’ to be suspicious. “Why would Alfredo attack a person [Horta] who was trying to find a good resolution to his problems?” questioned Alkatiri. “Who was attacked first? Reinado or the President?”

Alkatiri also said: “The 2006 crisis happened because Xanana wanted power because at the time, he had no power. After becoming Prime Minister, he still feels that he has no power. He is a patriot, and I do not accept the accusations of him selling out this nation to Australia, but he does not act as a nationalist, he acts as a guerrilla. … He thiinks he is the only one who can mobilise the population,: said Mr. Alkatiri.

Mr. Alkatiri further said that an end to the crisis would only come if the Government ended the ‘State of Siege’ as people did not now feel that they had the freedom to reveal the truth. He also called for early elections as another way to end the crisis. Finally, Alkatiri made the claim that Fretilin must be involved in leading the government. (STL)


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