The impact of Alfredo Reinado’s death on IDPs’ repatriation

Dili – The death of Alfredo Reinado has brought an impact to the life of most Timorese people, to his families, friends and relatives, but most importantly its impact on the life of IDPs around Dili.

Monday morning, Feb 11 (06.15 am), Timor Leste was shocked by a tragic incident carried out by Alfredo Reinado and his men at the residence of President Ramos Horta in Meti-Aut that left the president injured, while Alfredo and one of his men died at the scene.

Not only the supporters of Alfredo feel sorry for him but also people in IPDs camps around Dili.

The dislocated people are concerned and aware of the future security situation after Reinado’s death. They are aware because, the incident may affect the repatriation process that has been set by government. Another reason is related to security issue, they are worried because it may cause another problem. Why? Because previously, when the ISF (International Stabilization Forces) led by Australia attacked Reinado along with his men in Same due to the warrant to capture him, at the same time, the people in IDPs camps became the target of Alfredo Reinado’s supporters in Dili. His supporters threw stones into IDPs camps, blazing up tires on the streets and many kinds of violent activities undertaken by them.

Actually, the government has planned to repatriate all dislocated people to their homes, but the incident has ruined the will of dislocated people to go home, because they feel much safer to stay under the tents then to stay together with people that might be angry or frustrated.
Now what? Alfredo Reinado was shot dead. Will more violence happen? Or more killings, shootings and gang fights? So, how is our repatriation?

This is a doubt in the hearts of most dislocated people recently, and we hope the government to take a serious care of the issue and to find an appropriate solution for the problem…!

from Ze-Xoroth’s blog at 6:05 PM


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