E Timor police expect to make arrests soon

Posted 4 hours 44 minutes ago ABC
Updated 3 hours 8 minutes ago

Police in East Timor are hoping the first suspects will soon be arrested over Monday’s attacks on the President and Prime Minister.

The names of the first suspects involved in the shooting of President Jose Ramos-Horta will be handed to prosecutors today by United Nations police.

They have interviewed 11 people since the attack and have prepared a report for the Prosecutor General that could lead to the first arrests.

United Nations police believe the assailants went to Mr Ramos-Horta’s home on Monday morning, waiting to ambush him as he returned from his morning walk.

The assailants ambushed Mr Ramos-Horta near his home, shooting him two or three times in the upper torso.

Their leader Alfredo Reinado was killed in the attack.

East Timor’s capital Dili has been exceptionally calm this week, partly thanks to a 48-hour nightly curfew and bans on public meetings.

An extra 200 Australian soldiers have also begun arriving in the country to boost security.

Meanwhile Mr Ramos-Horta remains in a serious but stable condition in Royal Darwin Hospital.

Mr Horta is expected to remain in intensive care, on a ventilator, until at least Thursday.

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