ISF retreats after warning shots from Reinardo

Reinado’s rebels fire on ISF: Rebels under the leadership of Major Alfredo Reinado have fired warning shots near a patrol of Australian troops south-west of the capital, Dili. Reinado has been on the run since he was arrested on charges of illegal weapons’ distribution, desertion and attempted murder after widespread violence in 2006.

The International Stabilisation Force (ISF) Spokesperson Brigadier General James Baker said that five to eight warning shots were fired, but the Australian troops did not return fire. “What we’ve seen today is a reckless act by Reinado. If the ISF soldiers had not acted with professionalism and discipline, then an escalation of the incident could have occurred,” he said. “The ISF did not return fire, but immediately withdrew to Gleno [the home base],” he added. “There were no casualties from this incident.”

Brigadier General Baker said that the ISF is not engaged in any operation against Reinado. “Reinado is a fugitive of the Timorese criminal justice system, he has threatened the safety of Australian troops,” he said. (TP, DN and STL)


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