Building the Future



Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru (Together Building the Future), a comprehensive national recovery strategy was launched on Monday by the Vice Prime Minister at a ceremony in Dili.

In a statement released through his cabinet, Vice Prime Minister Jose Guterres said, ‘Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru is an inter-ministerial initiative to facilitate a national recovery process and offer people affected by the civil crisis options towards recovery.’

‘We have adopted a new vision toward national recovery, one that not only promotes mutual acceptance but strengthens communities, local economies, stability and the relationship between the Government and the people of Timor-Leste, whom we serve.’

‘Two pilot sites have been selected for implementation. There is one site in Dili and another in the districts. After we implement recovery packages in these pilot sites and asses the results, full-scale implementation will occur at a national level.’ said Vice Prime Minister Jose Guterres.

Minister for Social Solidarity, Maria Domingas Alves added, ‘we will help repair and rebuild homes; we will help local economies to grow stronger; we will help those who are vulnerable to have a decent standard of life; we will help communities to become whole again; we will help ordinary people to feel safe in their homes.’

‘The amount of support given to each family will depend on the amount of damage that has been done to their home. Assessing the damage to homes is the responsibility of the Ministry of Infrastructure. Support will only be provided to the former occupants of houses that were damaged or destroyed before the 30th of October this year. Any houses that are damaged after this time will not be included in this programme of activities. Anyone who was not living in the damaged or destroyed homes prior to April of last year will not be eligible to receive the support for its repair or rehabilitation,’ said Minister Alves.

The Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru initiative includes several branch components including; Hamutuk Hari’i Uma (Together Building Homes), Hamutuk Hari’i Protesaun (Together Building Protection), Hamutuk Hari’i Estabilidade (Together Building Stability), Hamutuk Hari’i Ekonomia Sosial (Together Building Social Economy) and Hamutuk Hari’i Confiansa (Together Building Trust).

Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru is led by the Vice Prime Minister’s office and incorporates a wide range of relevant Government Ministries as well as the F-FDTL and PNTL, tasked to specific areas identified in the policy.


FO SA’E KEDAS / 19.12.2007

Segunda Feira liu ba, Vice Primerio Ministro mak lansa stratejia rekuperasaun nasional iha seremonia ida iha Dili. Stratejia ida ne’e mak naran Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru.

Liu husi nia gabinete, Vice Primerio Minister hateten katak ‘Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru mak inisiativu inter-ministerial, para bele fasilita prosesu rekupersaun nasional no mos ofrese opsaun oioin ba ema sira ne’ebe afekdatu husi krize civil.’

‘Ami simu visaun foun ida ba rekuperasaun nasional. La’os deit promove povu atu simu malu, maibe hametin lui komunidade, ekonomia local, stabilidade no relasaun liu husi Governo no povo Timor ne’ebe ami mak serve.’

Fatin piloto 2 selesiona atu halo implementasaun. Fatin ida iha Dili no fatin ida seluk iha distritu. Depois de implementasaun pakote rekuperasaun iha fatin rua ne’eb’e refere no sei halo assesmentu ba resultadu mak depois sei implementa ba fatin hotu,’ Vice Primerio Ministro Jose Guterres hatete.

Ministra Solidaridade Social dehan, ‘ami sei ajuda ba hadia no hari’i uma; ami sei ajuda ekonomia local sa’i maka’as; ami sei ajuda ema sira ne’ebe vulnarabel atu hetan moris diak, ami sei ajuda komunidade sira sa’i metin fali; ami sei ajuda ema ki’ik atu senti rai iha sira nia uma laran.’

‘Supporta ne’ebe familia ida-idak sei hetan depende ba nivel uma ne’eb’e mak hetan estragus. Atu halo avaliasaun ba nivel estragus mak Ministerio Infrastaturas nian responsibilidade. Sira fo apoiu ba uma nain ne’ebe hetan estragus molok 30 Outubru 2007. Uma sira ne’ebe hetan estragus depois loron ida ne’e la inklui iha programa ida ne’e nia aktividades . Ema sira ne’ebe la’os hela iha uma ne’ebe hetan estragus molok Abril 2006 labele hetan apoiu atu hadia uma,’ Ministra Alves hatete.

Inisiativu Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru iha komponente barak inklui; Hamutuk Hari’i Uma, Hamutuk Hari’i Protesaun, Hamutuk Hari’i Estabilidade, Hamutuk Hari’i Ekonomia Sosial nomos Hamutuk Hari’i Confiansa.

Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru diriji husi gabinete Vice Primerio Ministro, maibe ho koperasaun Ministerio bar-barak ne’ebe relevante, nomos hetan apoio husi F-FDTL, PNTL.


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