Manslaugther for F-FDTL while Reinardo remains at large

UNPol Daily Security Briefing – 30 November 2007


This is a broadcast of the UN Police in
Timor-Leste to provide you with information about
the security situation around the country.

Friday 30 November 2007

The security situation in Timor-Leste is generally calm.

Yesterday, the Dili District Court announced the
verdict in the trial of eleven F-FDTL members and
one PNTL officer accused of the killing of eight
PNTL officers on 25 May 2006. Four F-FDTL members
were found guilty of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter.

UNMIT welcomes yet another case recommended by
the Commission of Inquiry being addressed by the judiciary of Timor-Leste.

The Special Representative of the
Secretary-General, Mr Atul Khare, is happy that
everybody, including the defendants and families
and colleagues of the victims (and the
institutions to which they belong), has
cooperated with the judicial authorities by
peacefully and calmly receiving the verdict.

All parties have 15 days to appeal the decision.
Any concern about the verdict should be expressed
through an appeal to the Court of Appeals.

Today in Dili, police attended six incidents,
including a rock fight in Kampung Baru involving
approximately 20 people. A 17-year-old boy
sustained a minor injury in the fight. There was
also a fight close to Timor Lodge, which was
brought under control by a Formed Police Unit (FPU).

The security situation in Dili remained calm last
night. There were no further arrests.

On Thursday, police in Manatuto received a report
of a fight between two men in Kampung Alor
village. The incident is believed to be linked to
the fight between two groups that took place in
the same village on Wednesday. Police have
arrested one of the suspects and have identified the other.

The police advise to avoid travelling during the
night to the most affected areas. Please report
any suspicious activities. You can call 112 or
7230365 to contact the police 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

* * * * *


Ida neé notisiário husi Polísia ONU nian iha
Timor-Leste atu fo informasaun ba Ita Boot sira
kona ba situasaun seguransa nian iha rai laran.

Sesta Feira, Loron 23 Fulan Novembru 2007

Situasaun siguransa iha rai Timor-Leste jeralmente kalma.

Horseik, Tribunal Distrital Dili fo sai Desizaun
ba membru F-FDTL naín 11 no ofisial PNTL naín ida
nebe hetan akuzasaun oho ofisiais PNTL naín 8 iha
loron 25 Maiu tinan 2006. membru F-FDTL naín 4
hetan hetan sentensa ho kazu homisidiu.

UNMIT simu diak kazu balu tuir rekomendasaun
Komisaun Inkeretu nian nebe hatoó ba judisiariu Timor-Leste nian.

Reprezentante Espesial Sekretáriu-Jeral, Senhor
Atul Khare haksolok katak ema ida-idak, inklui
defendentes no famílias no mos vitima nia maluk
sira (no sira nia instituisoens) servisu hamutuk
ho autoridades judisiariu nian ho paz no hakmatek hodi simu desizaun.

Parte hotu iha loron 15 atu apela desizaun nee.
Iha buat ruma kona ba desizaun nee bele hatoo ba Tribunal Rekursu.”

Loron ohin iha Dili, polísia atende insidentes
nen, inklui tuda malu iha Kampung Baru nebe
involve ema kuaze naín 20. Labarik ida ho tinan
17 hetan kanek kiík ida iha nia liman fuan
durante insidente neé. Iha mos kazu baku malu
nian ida iha besik Timor Lodge, nebe Unidade
Formadu Polísia mak kontrola tiha.

Hodi kalan situasaun siguransa iha Dili mantein kalma. La iha kapturasaun.

Iha Kinta Feira, polísia iha Manatuto simu
reportajen kona ba mane naín rua nebe baku malu
iha Suco Kampung Alor. Insidente neé hare ba
katak mosu husi baku malu entre grupu rua iha
fatin nebe hanesan iha Kuarta Feira. Polísia kaer
suspeitu ida no identifika ona ida seluk.

Polísia hamenon atu labele laó kalan ba área nebe
perigu liu. Kontaktu polísia se ita boot sira
hare buat ruma nebe deskonfia ka problema ruma.
Telefone 112 ka 7230365 atu kontaktu polísia iha
oras rua nulu resin hat (24) nia laran iha loron
ida, loron hitu (7) iha semana ida.


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